Alienware 17 Pros and Cons

Alienware 17 FHD is the one of the most powerful gaming laptop. You may know Alienware is a computer company that designed for gaming purposes. It has lots of features which I will mention here in this article, you can check it here. If you are a gaming enthuse then you might love this product which will offer you lots of amazing features.

Features of Alienware 17 FHD

Here are few features of Alienware 17 FHD which is mentioned here down below. Let us check them out:


The design of this product about some chassis sleek and spaceship inspired design. It has designed in such a way that attracts the users to dream about that they are in a spaceship fighting in the ship. This laptop weighs for about 8.3 pounds with a dimension for about 16.93 x 11.49 x1.35 inches.


The display of this laptop offers 4K resolution this is pretty much better than any other laptop in the market. It offers you with a sharp display with super colorful and bright that keep your eye in a comfortable zone.


This product offers you Intel Core i7 -6820HK which is much faster than any other computer and also offers you a free multiplier. I suggest you choose this product for getting some great gaming experience. The operating system is on windows 8.1.

Storage Facility

It has the storage facility for 16GB RAM that includes with a hard drive up to 512GB.

Pros and Cons of Alienware 17 FHD

Here is the list of Pros and cons of Alienware 17 FHD which I have mentioned here down below. Let us check them out:


  • It has great gaming performance and has 3D gaming experience.
  • Great display with a high quality of processor.
  • The design of the laptop is great which really attracts the user with some unique features.
  • It has cooling control along with lighting effects which seem to be so cool while playing any games.
  • Top-notch build quality that gives the user to use this product for long as they want.


  • It is big and bulky in size which isn’t that great for the user to use them.
  • It is very expensive and it is not affordable by the users to get this product.
  • The battery life of this product isn’t that great is doesn’t last for long it last maximum for 2 hours.
  • It has bulky power brick on the laptop; this is also another disadvantage of this product.
  • The Blu-Ray drive doesn’t work properly it needs to upgrade always which isn’t that great while you play any games or want to watch any high definition movie on your laptop.
  • The trackpad and Keypad need to be improved so that it will be easier to use the touchpad and the keypad of the laptop while playing any games or watching any movies.

So, all these are the features, pros, and cons of Alienware 17 FHD. But this product is fast and very attractive that has lots of specs even though its weight and size doesn’t count since it offers you with great performance.

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