Pros and cons of Android Lollipop 5.0

Google has officially announced the next version of Android operating system Android Lollipop with the launch of Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 devices. Android Lollipop is the 5th Android operating system which will be available exclusively on Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. The developer versions were already out of Android Lollipop which were available by the name of Android L and now the final developer version of Android Lollipop is available for Nexus 5.

Android Lollipop is soon going to be launched and will come with some of the best and amazing features. Every operating system is having some advantages and disadvantages and there are some in Android Lollipop too, however there are majority of advantages and only a few disadvantages which we have listed below.

Android Lollipop pros cons

Android Lollipop pros

Continuity Feature

The continuity feature is similar to the one present in iOS 8 which allows you to resume things from where you left off. You can resume songs, videos, photos or apps with the continuity feature in Android Lollipop.


Android Lollipop is not only going to support smartphones and tablets but it is also going to be compatible with wearables, cars and TV’s. Google has designed Android lollipop in such a way that it works on all the devices.

Material design

Material design adds a great touch to your smartphone. The design allows easy shrink/expanding of the images giving more white space between different elements. The transitions become intuitive and tasks are fluidic in Android Lollipop.


The camera app in Android Lollipop is updated and comes with a lot of amazing features. A lot of new features have been added in the camera of Android Lollipop such as recording videos in 4K resolution, burst mode, fine tune settings and many other.


The developer versions of Android Lollipop gave amazing battery backup. Special development has been done for better battery life in the Android Lollipop which gives extra battery backup of 90 minutes. You can easily manage the battery usage of your Android device with Android Lollipop. Android Lollipop will tell you the time remaining for your next charge before your phone runs out of juice. Along with it the OS will also tell you how much time will it take to completely charge your device.


Just like you can create accounts on your PC, you can create account on your Android Lollipop powered device. Create guest account so that you can restrict viewing of your personal stuff. You can use the android smart lock feature with other android device such as your car or wearable.

Notification screen

Android Lollipop comes with advanced notification system. With the new notification system you will get all the notifications on the lock screen of your Android Lollipop powered device.

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Android Lollipop cons

We can’t say that there are many but there is one and that is availability. Android Lollipop will be available easily for devices like Nexus 5, Nexus 4 however it will take months to push the update for old devices.



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