iPhone 6 Pros and Cons

Apple has launched finally launched iPhone 6. This is the latest iPhone launched by Apple which comes with amazing features. iPhone 6 Plus was also launched along with iPhone 6 and the first ever Apple smartwatch. The event took place in Cupertino, California. Pre-booking of iPhone 6 starts from September 12 and sale of the device starts from September 19.

iPhone 6 comes with a 4.7-inch screen which is a retina HD display screen. The Retina HD display screen is different as compared to the old Retina display as it gives a much better view. iPhone 6 delivers the same pixel resolution as that of the iPhone 5S which is 1334 X 750 pixels.

The device comes with a brand new A8 chip which will increase the performance of the device and is also faster and smaller as compared to the old A7 chip. The 8 mega pixel iSight camera is same as that of the iPhone 5S but it comes with a bigger lens and more pixels. New features have been added in the camera of the iPhone 6 such as slo-mo feature which gives time lapse effect to the videos recorded and Image stabilization feature.

iPhone 6 will be available in three different memory options which are 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. If you are thinking to buy iPhone 6 you should have a look at the pros and cons of the device first.

iphone 6 pros and cons

iPhone 6 Pros

Bigger Display

Apple always provided small screens in their iPhone’s before the iPhone 6. The big 4.7-inch display screen is one of the reasons that you should purchase iPhone 6. It comes with Retina HD display which gives better resolution and view on your iPhone 6.


The flat design has been ditched in the iPhone 6. iPhone 6 comes with sexy curves which makes you buy this beauty. The curves add a great look to iPhone 6 and with 3 amazing colors it is a bliss.

A8 Chip

The A8 chip performs faster operations than any other chip ever launched by Apple. It is a 64 bit chip which saves a lot of battery. iPhone 6 comes with M8 motion processor which analyzes your activity from the sensors of iPhone 6.

iOS 8 out of the box

iPhone 6 comes with the new operating system from Apple, iOS 8. So, you can get your hands on this new OS as soon as you switch on your iPhone 6 and enjoy bunch of new features.

Support for Apple Watch

Apple has also launched a smartwatch at the launch event. So, if you are thinking to buy the watch, you’ll need a phone that supports it and  iPhone 6 can do the job. But if you have iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, you don’t need to upgrade for this sole reason because these phones support Apple Watch too.

iPhone 6 Cons


The price of iPhone 6 is usually $100 more as compared to the older iPhones launched by Apple. The 16 GB model is available for $199, 64 GB for $299 and 128 GB for $399.

Front cam could’ve been better

This is the era of Selfies. Everyone wants their phone to be able to take good pictures with the front camera. But the front camera is not that great on iPhone 6. The pictures taken with it might have some noise, especially in the low light situation. Other manufacturers are offering really great front cameras in their phones. So, if you are a selfie lover, this might break the deal.

Thick lines at the back

Although people are liking the new design of iPhone, but the thick lines at the back does not look good. To me, iPhone 6 looks great from the front side, but ugly at the back.

Apple Pay

Apple has launched its own payment gateway which goes by the name of Apple Pay. It will be initiated with countries like United States but we hardly think that it will be benefitted for the people of countries like India.


If you are thinking to buy iPhone 6 on your old contract you need to wait because you can only buy iPhone 6 when you have completed your old contract.

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These were some pros and cons of iPhone 6. Now we think that it will be easier for you to decide if you want to buy one or not.


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