Apple iPhone 6s Pros & Cons

Apple iPhone 6S is undoubtedly the leading Smartphone of today’s smartphone market. it is released in the year 2015 in the month of September. This Smartphone is really fantastic having a friendly interface and features than one can seek for. This Apple device has got an awesome design which makes it totally different from its entire previous version and advanced it to a new level. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Apple iPhone 6S.

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Specifications of Apple iPhone 6s:

Apple iPhone 6s stand out to be one of the best Smartphone available in the market since the date of its release. This Apple device is great which is ruling the market of Smartphones with some of the best features to be on the top list of the Smartphone. Apple iPhone has a great design within it comparing to its entire previous launched versions, you can go through the below-listed points to know the specification of this device.


Apple iPhone 6s has a beautiful outlook; it is designed by the metallic body which looks outstanding. The Smartphone looks attractive as well as it is comfortable for while holding with a single hand.


The display of Apple iPhone 6s comes with a 4.7-inch touch screen display having a resolution of 1334 X 750 pixels and with a 326 ppi pixel density. The displays of this Apple device also feature a retina HD 3D display.


This latest version of Apple runs an iOS 9 processor.


Apple iPhone uses a 12MP of rear camera that supports 4K videos, where the secondary camera for taking Selfies here is of 5MP.


Apple iPhone 6s is powered by a 1715 mAh nonremovable lithium-Ion battery. It has a great battery life enabling its users to use for at least 240 hours of its fully charged.

Pros and Cons of Apple iPhone 6s:

Every Single device has got an pros and cons of using them, users has to know both the rich and poor abilities of devices no matter whether it is an Android or an iOS devices. So same goes with Apple iphone 6S, below are the pros and cons of Apple iphone 6s which you will get while using it.

Apple iPhone 6s Pros:

Better Design:

Apple iphone 6s is designed with slim 7000 series aluminium case which is totally harder and stronger. The rubber gasket of this device is much better than its previous version. This device comes with unique design, design with a hard Ion glass cover, which is much safety and comfortable to handle within a single hand.

Touchscreen experience:

It include the features of ‘’Touch ID’’ Biometric fingerprint for best functionality. Apple iPhone has included a 3D touch featuring for best user experience and performance.

Better Battery Performance:

The 1715 mAh battery of Apple iPhone 6s is much better than the previous launched iPhone version.

Better Camera:

Both the rear and secondary camera of this device is posses a good quality picture.

Apple iPhone 6s Cons:

Optical zoom Missing:

Optical Zoom is missing in the cameras of Apple iphone 6s. So, if you love to take photos using your smartphone then you have to unfortunately, compromise with this feature.

Price is too high:

The price of the iPhone 6s is too high comparing to the other smartphones with almost similar features.

Last words…

The Apple iphone 6s offers you the 3D Functionality, high quality camera features, Touch ID biometric finger print and different others excellent features which put it on the top of different others Apple models. The overall hardware and software design within this model is just impressive, observing the specification and the pros and cons of the device; you can easily know whether the phone offer you the desired features or not.

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