Apple Watch 3 Pros and Cons

Apple Watches are manufactured by Apple Inc. The Apple Watch 3 is designed for tracking your health’s status and body fitness. So, in this post, you will be learning about the expected pros and cons of this Smart Watch. And before the launch of this product, you get to be aware of all its features. The Apple Watch 2 was launched in September 2016, but we are not at all sure when this next generation smartwatch will be released.  Check out some of the expected features of Apple Watch 3 down below.

Expected Features of Apple Watch 3:

Down below I will provide some of the expected features of this smartwatch. Have a look at them.


We expect that the smartwatch will look different than the Apple Watch 2. It will come in light weight and will have an exact fit on your wrist with water resistance up to 50 meters or may be more. With a circular design, it will also be available with a new FaceTime Camera. The strap of the watch looks gorgeous. It does a multi-function work, and it is called a magnetic wrist band. There is a big possibility that it may come up with a built-in GPS and a heart rate sensor which includes a comprehensive workout App. You can fold up the apple wristband and keep it safe by covering the screen.

Front Facing Camera:

The camera of the upcoming Apple Watch 3 will be coming with some stunning features. There is a possibility that the camera of this watch will be similar to the Apple Watch 2. The rumors suggested that it will probably come with FaceTime features and FaceTime audio calls. It may come with a 3D touch and Micro LED panels which are brighter than the OLED display.

Rumours suggested that it would come up with selfie camera which makes it easy to click pictures and track your fitness level.

Wireless Charging:

The Apple Watch 3 is sure to come up with wireless charging and more additional features like health sensors with water resistance. So, you can imagine charging the smartphone to be easy and efficient.

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Pros and Cons of Apple Watch 3:

Here are some of the expected Pros and Cons of Apple Watch 3. Check them out down below.


Here are the expected Pros of Apple Watch 3.

  • This smartwatch can keep you updated about some of your health related issues.
  • A heart rate sensor will be included which will measure your heart rate, and all the records will be directly sent to the linked iPhone.
  • The smartwatch will include a breathing app, which will guide you to stay fit.
  • It will also include a third-party health app on your smart Apple watch.


With so many expected pros of Apple Watch 3, there might be only a few cons of the Apple Watch 3. As I have mentioned that the design of this watch will be a bit similar to the Apple Watch 2, so this can be quite displeasing. Another is the price of the watch, the price of the watch might be quite high in comparison with its predecessors.


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