Asus G752 Pros and Cons

Asus G752 provides you the best gaming experience, and it has been tested as the fastest gaming laptop available in the market. It has also come up with new and improved features which I will be mentioning down below.  As this is the best gaming laptop in the market, it has lots of awesome features that are rarely available with other laptops. Check out some of the features of this product down below.

Features of Asus G752VT 2015:

Here are some of the features which make this product the best in the market these days. Check them out down below:


Asus G752VT has been designed in such a way that it makes it look sharp and edgy. It has also been provided with some new advanced technology. It has a shiny aluminum lid, and it also comes with two glowy strips colored with orange light.


The display size is 17.3 inch with 1920 X 1080 pixel resolutions. It also has a super multi-DVD facility. The operating system is Windows 10 and is the default OS of this product.

Gaming and G-SYNC Performance:

This laptop comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX980M GPU, which lets you play games smoothly without facing any lag.


The processor is the 6th generation Intel Core i76700 HQ that comes with a multitasking facility. The product also comes with 16GB RAM that can be upgraded to 64GB RAM. The internal hard drive of this laptop is 1 TB.

Touchpad and Keyboard:

The Touchpad and Keyboard offer you soft-touch keys which are convenient to shortcut buttons to get the access in Macros, Gaming recording.

So these are the features of this laptop. It has many other attractive features which you will come to know about after using it.

Pros and Cons of Asus G752VT 2015:

Here are some of the pros and cons about Asus G752VT 2015. Check out them down below.


These are the pros of Asus G752VT 2015.

  • It has strong gaming performance.
  • It supports G-Sync for extra smoothness to play games on your laptop.
  • It has total control over cooling facility while you play any games on the laptop.
  • It has a plenty of storage facility that allows you to store all sorts of data on this laptop.
  • The drive functions smoothly and lets you work efficiently.
  • It is quite affordable for the user.
  • It has great IPS display through which you can watch clearly with good quality.


  • It is quite bulky for the users and is quite problematic to travel around with it.
  • It has a small keyboard. This makes this laptop quite hard to use.
  • Its battery life isn’t that great as it only lasts for 2 hours max which is another disadvantage of this product.

So, all these are the features pros and cons of Asus G752VT 2015. Even though it has disadvantages, it has been tested as the fastest gaming laptop with its smooth graphics performance and the other features that I have mentioned above. I would suggest that you go for this laptop as this is one of the best.

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