Blackberry Priv Pros And Cons

Blackberry has already made its own trademark in the field of lavish Smartphone around the world globally. They have made their own path successfully by their gigantic specifications and features in the Smartphone.

This year Blackberry has launched one another Smartphone and the name of the model is Blackberry Priv. The device will make you grab it by its innovative technology.

Blackberry Priv pros and cons

The model of Blackberry Priv is just outstanding and much better than the other previously released mobile by the company. The Smartphone has a large 5.40-inch touchscreen that will let you watch images and videos in much better way. The mobile has released on November 6, 2015, and the price of the mobile is $1399.78. You will also come to know about the Pros and Cons of Blackberry Priv in the article below.


The Blackberry comes with the al new 5.40 inches of screen size and the resolution of the pixel covers with 1440/2560. It has got a soothing Touchscreen which can be said as a feather touch and just perform the work with simple touch on the screen.

The design of the phone is very lavish and black polished finish with glossy effects on the body of the Smartphone. The weight of the mobile is 192.00 grams.


The battery power of the phone is 3410 mAh which can make your conversation and game level much more interesting and long lasting.  You don’t have to worry about the charge and battery drainage.


The display of the Smartphone is around 5.40-inch touchscreen display which can make your vision level more realistic while you watch movies or videos. The pixel power of this Smartphone is made only for the latest HD quality videos.


The camera of the Blackberry Priv is like it has an 18 Mega Pixel Rear Camera and a 2 Mega Pixel camera for the secondary camera or also known as the Front Facing Camera. Just click your photos without any blur or spots in the images.

Blackberry Priv Pros:

Just have a look at the Pros below:


Blackberry Priv comes with a 3GB of RAM and now do your multitasking undoubtedly without any lags and errors. It also has a 32GB of Internal Storage which can be expandable up to 2000GB by micro Memory Card.  Your device will work very smoothly.


The Blackberry Priv is also featured with 1.44 Giga Hertz of hexa core processor, and the power is by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor which works very efficiently.

OTG support

This device also supports the latest USB specifications OTG by which you can transfer your documents or files in a smart way. This kind of trendy feature will take you to the generation next.

Blackberry Priv Cons:

Just have a look at the cons below:

Non- Removable Battery

As you can see that the power of the battery is just excellent but the major drawback is that you can change the battery of the device because it is attached to the phone itself and hence if you have any problem with it you have to change the device.

Now you don’t have to search more for the Pros and Cons of the Blackberry Priv because the complete details of it have mentioned in the above article. Without searching and wasting time browsing more just have a look at the details nicely. Go and grab your Blackberry Priv now.

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