Dell Mobile Precision M6800 Pros & Cons

Dell laptops are considered to be one of the best workstations in the market. The precision series of Dell that has been released have successfully provided its customers with the higher performances. Dell Mobile Precision M6800 is one of the amazing laptops that has been released in the market. Dell Mobile Precision M6800 price starts from a price range of Rs. 42,999 INR. But before you buy this, you should know the Pros and Cons of this laptop. Let’s check out the specifications of this laptop before heading to that.

Specifications of Dell Mobile Precision M6800:


The entire body of the laptop is made up of magnesium alloy and aluminum. The material used in the Dell Mobile Precision M6800 is quite hard and avoids damage. The gunmetal gray exterior of the laptop is impressive and pleasant looking.

Build Quality & Screen:

It has amazing build features as the strength of this laptop is well tested. The laptop has high resistance to temperature in a liveable environment. Dell Mobile Precision M6800 comes with a Practical display panel. It display of the laptop has a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels.

Battery Life:

The battery power of the Dell Mobile Precision M6800 laptop is quite good. And this according to the tests made for the power consumption of the laptop while turning the power saver mode “ON” and wireless mode “OFF.” It has been proved that the battery life can last for up to 8 hours without being in the charging mode.

So these are some of the major specifications of Dell Mobile Precision M6800.

Processor & Operating System:

The processor speed of the laptop is at 2.7 GHz and provided with the Intel HD Graphics 4600. The RAM of the Dell Mobile Precision M6800 is 16 GB. The memory type is enabled with the DDR3 SDRAM along with the hard drive disk of 1 TB. It comes with the operating system of Windows 8.

Pros and Cons of Dell Mobile Precision M6800:


The Pros of Dell Mobile Precision M6800 has been listed below.

  • There is no chance of the problems like the windows scaling. The screen does not reflect the lights nearby you.
  • The battery life of the Dell Mobile Precision M6800 laptop is up to 10 hours. The runtime of battery power consumption of the laptop is impressive. In simple mode i.e. without the WLAN and at minimum brightness it will last 8 hr 12 min. In the Wi-Fi surfing mode, the battery will last for about 5 hours and 52 minutes. With everything turned on and brightness at its maximum it will last for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Check out the Cons of Dell Mobile Precision M6800.

  • Though the design of the laptop might be quite attractive but there are some problems with it. The heavy and thick design of the laptop makes it quite problematic to carry.
  • The CPU performance of the Dell Mobile Precision M6800 is comparatively weaker due to the multithread weakness.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of this laptop are the speakers. The speakers of this laptop are quite bad when compared to the other features of this laptop.

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