Pros and cons of HTC Desire 700

HTC has launched some special smartphones for the Asian markets and HTC Desire 700 is one of those smartphones. Desire 700 is a 5.0-inch smartphone with dual sim compatibility. The device is 0.3 inches bigger than the HTC One, the previous flagship device of HTC however Desire 700 comes with qHD display which decreases the ppi to 220. The front mounted dual stereo speakers are a treat for music lovers as you will get loud and crystal clear sound with the dual speakers of the Desire 700.

You will get the normal 8 mega pixel camera instead of the ultra-pixel cameras present in high end devices of HTC. The front camera of HTC Desire is 2.1 mega pixel and allows you to record videos in full 1080p HD. HTC desire 700 comes with Android Jelly Bean v4.1.2 and the HTC Sense 5 interface. We hope that HTC provides an upgrade to Android KitKat and a better Sense 5.5 interface to the device. Under the hood of HTC Desire 700 you will get a 1.2 Ghz quad core processor coupled with 1 GB RAM. There is only one memory option available with HTC Desire 700 and that is 8 GB however you can add an external micro SD card of storage space up to 64 GB in the device.

If you are thinking to purchase HTC Desire 700 we suggest you to have a look at the pros and cons of the device. You can check the pros and cons of HTC Desire 700 below.

HTC Desire 700 pros and cons

HTC Desire 700 Pros

Call Quality

We were impressed with the call quality of the Desire 700. You can use both 3G and 4G network on the device for better connectivity. The dual speakers mounted at the top help in better voice communication.

Battery Life

HTC Desire 700 draws its power from a 2100 mAh battery. You will get nice battery backup with the 2100 mAh battery. You will get talk time of around 11 hours and 40 minutes on 2G network with the Desire 700.

Stereo Speakers

The speakers mounted at the top are a plus point of this device. You will not only get good and distortion proof sound with the speakers while you are making a call but the powerful stereo speakers won’t need any additional Bluetooth speakers.

HTC Desire 700 Cons

User Available memory

Desire 700 comes with only 8 GB internal memory out of which 4.7 GB memory is only available for storing data. HTC should have provided 16 GB memory option also.

Operating System

The device comes with Android Jelly Bean v4.1.2 which is outdated. Most of the smartphones which are available in the market are having Android KitKat as the operating system.

Uneasy to carry

The 5.0-inch display screen makes the Desire 700 a tall device but makes it bit uneasy to carry. The rear panel of the device is slippery and if you are not using any cover there is probability that the device will get slipped from your hand un-noticed.

We hope that these pros and cons will help you in deciding if you want to purchase the Desire 700 smartphone or not.

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