Huawei Honor Magic Pros and Cons

Huawei has launched the all new model named as Huawei Honor Magic which can be an ideal choice for you. The looks of the phone are very stylish and elegant. Are you confused? Let me clear you with my Huawei Honor Magic Pros and Cons review.

The model of Honor Magic is not like the previous model of Huawei because it has a unique build and form factor that going to melt your heart for sure. The price of the Smartphone is around Rs. 36,000 in India. The inbuilt technology makes the model Honor Magic on the top of the list. Let me know you Huawei Honor Magic Pros and Cons down below.

Huawei Honor Magic Pros and Cons: Specs Review

Build and Design

Huawei Honor Magic model is the first ever curviest phone by the company. The advanced feature like the AMOLED resolution of the display makes this device apart as compared with the other Smartphone.

The body of the phone will have the thickness is just 7.8 mm, and the weight is also very light, and it comes with two variant of colors.


The phone is having the capacity of 2900 mAh of power which can make your important conversation more fruitful when it comes to the common error of other ordinary handsets giving an error like “Low Battery.” It takes less duration to get charged fully.


The Honor Magic comes with a 5.09- inch Quad High Definition AMOLED display which has 3D technology. Now you can view your videos and images even when your brightness is low also.


The camera is always an important part for every Smartphone. This time Huawei is featuring a 8 Mega Pixel front facing camera and a 12 Mega Pixels Rear Camera.

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Huawei Honor Magic Pros and Cons



This device comes with a 4GB RAM. Now you can initiate your Multi Tasking more effectively in a smooth way. It also has an inbuilt 64GB storage of memory where you can store your documents or music as much you want.

Widescreen Sensor

The phone also features an innovative sensor technology that makes your privacy and security level. Moreover, it also allows the users to unlock their Smartphone by just seeing on the screen.


The processor of the Huawei Honor Magic is having the latest Octa Core Kirin 950 which is the latest. And the power of the processor is 1.8GHz. It will make your step into the world of fast and speed while accessing the device.

Huawei Honor Magic Pros and Cons


Expandable Storage

The disadvantage of the all new Huawei is like, unlike the other devices you can’t expand the memory card, and you have to use the existing 64 GB only. If you won’t be able to insert additional memory chip, then you have been in a limit while saving the music or videos.


The battery of Honor Magic is excellent, but the battery can’t be removed because the battery is already attached to the body of the phone. And in case if the battery damages then you can’t use this device anymore.

Now as you have got the complete idea of the all new Huawei Honor Magic Smartphone, you don’t have to search more to find the Pros and Cons because everything is clearly mentioned in the above article very nicely. Just go through the article once and make your doubts cleared about Huawei Honor Magic.

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