Pros and Cons of iPad Mini 3

Apple has launched the third iPad Mini, iPad Mini 3 at an Apple event which took place a few days ago. This is the third mini iPad which is launched by Apple and comes with minor improvements over the previous generation iPad 2 Mini. iPad Mini 3 is a 7.9-inch iPad which comes with a resolution of 1536 X 2048 pixels. The display of iPad 3 comes with oleophobic coating which improves the stability and protects the display from possible scratches and water spills. Under the hood of the new iPad 3 you will get a 1.3 Ghz dual core processor which is based on ARM v8 technology and 1 GB RAM.

iPad Mini 3 will come running on the latest iOS 8.1 operating system which brings features like Apple Pay, Health Kit etc. Apple Touch ID is added in iPad Mini 3 which was not available in iPad Mini 2. There are three memory options which are 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB and still there is no support for external memory card. The device sports a 5 mega pixel rear camera which comes with features like HDR, touch focus, geo-tagging and 1.2 mega pixel secondary camera which is ideal for video conferencing.

If you want to purchase iPad Mini 3 we suggest you to have a look at the pros and cons of the device first. We have shared pros and cons of iPad Mini 3 below.

iPad Mini 3 pros and cons

iPad Mini 3 pros

Touch ID

For better security Apple iPad Mini 3 comes with Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Touch ID will add an extra layer of security to your iPad Mini 3 and with the new iOS 8 you can use Touch ID with third party applications too on your iPad Mini 3.

Apple Pay

With Touch ID feature, you’ll be able to use the Apple’s new service, Apple Pay. Although, this service is only available in US yet.

iOS 8

iPad Mini 3 will come with the latest iOS 8.1 operating system which will bring features like Apple Pay and health kit.

New colors

iPad 3 Mini is available in new range of colors which were not present in iPad Mini 2. You can buy iPad Mini 3 in space gray, gold and silver color.

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iPad Mini 3 Cons

No expendable storage option

There is no option to add external micro SD memory card in iPad Mini 3. iPad Mini 3 is available in three memory options which are 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

No Flash

Apple has not provided flash even in the third generation iPad Mini. You won’t be able to click good pictures in low light conditions with your iPad Mini 3.

Old Design

There is no difference in the design of iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3. The design of both the iPad’s is same and there is only change in the colors available for iPad Mini 3. Three new colors which are space gray, gold and silver are added in iPad Mini 3.


iPad 3 is heavier than the iPad Mini 2. You might feel it a bit bulky when you will keep the tablet with you for long time.

Nothing new

iPad Mini 3 does not offer anything new compared to iPad Mini 2 besides touch ID and gold color. iPad Mini 2, which costs $100 less now, is a steal at this price. If you ever wanted to buy an iPad, grab the iPad Mini 2 as soon as you can.

These were the pros and cons of Apple iPad Mini 3. We think you can decide if you want to purchase iPad Mini 3 or not.

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  • iPad Mini 2
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S

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