iPhone 6 Plus Pros and Cons

The first ever phablet by Apple has been finally launched. Apple has finally launched iPhone 6 Plus on September 9. iPhone 6 Plus comes with a lot of amazing features. The phablet was launched along with iPhone 6 and Apple smartwatch. iPhone 6 Plus is the first ever smartphone launched by Apple which comes with a big 5.5-inch display screen. The display of iPhone 6 Plus is based on a new technology named Retina HD giving a much better view of movies, videos on your iPhone 6 Plus.

With the iOS 8 update a lot of amazing features have been added in iPhone 6 Plus. Now you can make NFC payments from your iPhone 6 Plus. You just need to swipe your phablet in front of the sensor and payments will be easily made. NFC payments can be made to more than 220,000 stores in the United States. iOS 8 also comes with the much awaited Health App. This app monitors your daily workout activity and helps you in staying fit.

iPhone Plus comes with a 8 mega pixel camera. The 1.4 Ghz processor and 1 GB RAM will be sufficient for running all the applications on your iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to purchase iPhone 6 Plus you need to know what’s good and bad in it. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6 plus pros cons


Bigger Screen

iPhone 6 Plus comes with a massive 5.5-inch display screen. The Retina HD feature in the display of the device gives a great resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels.

Portrait Option

You might have used the Portrait option in iPad, iPhone 6 Plus comes with the portrait option which will turn your screen sideways when you rotate it.

Health App and NFC Payments

iOS 8 brings two nice features in iPhone 6 Plus. You can make NFC payments thus you don’t need a wallet with you now and use the Health app to monitor your daily workouts.


iPhone 6 Plus comes with 8 mega pixel iSight camera which comes with optical image stabilization. This is the first ever iPhone which comes with optical image stabilization.



iPhone 6 Plus is very costly and will definitely put a hole in people’s pocket. The 16 GB model is priced at $299, 64 GB model at $399 and 128 GB model at $499.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay will only be suitable for countries like United States, Canada. It is not possible to use this service in countries like India.

Your contract needs to be end

Before you are thinking to purchase iPhone 6 make sure that your contract with your cellular provider is finished. If not then you won’t be able to purchase iPhone 6 Plus.

There were some pros and cons of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. We think that now you can easily decide that if you want to purchase it or not.


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