iPhone 7 Plus Pros and Cons

iPhone 7 Plus is one of the most improved versions of phablet that is developed by Apple. However, Apple has finally done a good job by introducing the most advanced Smartphone, which best designs, camera features, screen resolution and much more.

The price differs according to the versions and hopefully, you will some of its features which I will be mentioning in this article.

iphone 7 plus pros & cons

iphone 7 plus pros & cons

Most of the people want to have iPhone in their pocket but because of the price some fails to afford it. However, iPhone Plus 7 has come with a best affordable price and with the very good feature, you can get this Smartphone easily.

Design and Built:

Most of the people are crazy for the slimmest Smartphone which is easy to carry and looks attractive as well. Latest iPhone Plus 7 has come up with the best quality design which is 158.2*77.9*7.3mm which is very slim thick and thin. The new iPhone Plus 7 weight 188g which is very light and handy to carry.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus is designed is stunning outlook with slim and slide edges. However, Demand for iPhone is vast in the market, and you can also afford this Smartphone now to enjoy its trending design.


The iPhone comes up with the best display resolution of 1080*1920 pixels which is incomparable to other Smartphone. The device is very well protected by lon-strengthened glass, oleophobic coating. Device is designed in wide color gamut display.

So, the display feature is good all together and you will definitely like the 3D Touch display as well. It is the display where you do all the activities in any Smartphone, so you need a good display quality to keep working for longer hours with the device.


iPhone Plus 7 is featured with 1/3” sensor size @28mm which helps you to take a good image even in a moving car. So, the device is capable of taking 4K video and 8MP image recording which sounds good and touch focus, smile detection, HDR photo and much more.

So, don’t miss the chance to experience the latest features of this new iPhone Plus 7. Thus, iPhone 7 Plus is built with best camera feature that gives you amazing picture quality and high video ranges.


Battery is the most important thing in any Smartphone without which the entire functions cannot be done, so this device is built up with amazing battery backup. iphone 7 plus battery in a standby mode supports up to 384 h in 3G mode and music play up to 60 h which is quite good compared to other Apple assets.

The battery is built up of Li-lon 2900mah, and it is non-removable. So, you can now easily watch movies, listen to music, play games easily without worrying about the battery backup.

iphone 7 plus pros and cons in detail

Pros of  iPhone 7 Plus:

  • It is certified that iPhone 7 Plus is dust and water resistant up to 1 meter and the device can resist up to 30 minutes.
  • The device has backlit IPS LCD, captive touchscreen, and 16M colors.
  • The display ratio is 67.7% screen to the body which is unique compared to other Smartphone.
  • The device is best protected with lon-strengthened glass and oleophobic coating.
  • It has 3D Touch display with zoom feature which is also called wide color gamut display.
  • The internal memory is simply awesome which is built in with 32/128/256 GB RAM; you can now download as many files as you like without being worrying about space in the device.
  • Active voice cancellation with the dedicated mic is a quite useful feature.
  • The body design is well built with the best dimension that makes the outlook beautiful and attractive.
  • iPhone Plus 7 is available in Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.
  • Dual-lens Camera Built which is one of the best advantage found in iPhone 7 Plus.

Cons of iPhone 7 Plus:

  • The battery is non removable which is one of the disadvantages of this Smartphone.
  • The price of iPhone Plus 7 is very high which many people cannot afford to buy.
  • There is no substantive breakthrough on IOS, though the device is base on IOS 10.


  • iphone 7 reviews pros and cons
  • iphone 7 plus pros and cons
  • iphone 7 plus reviews pros and cons

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