Lava A82 Pros and Cons

Lava all the way trying to become India’s no.1 brand and here I got another to review. Lava A82 is a new affordable Android smartphone that comes under $100 or around 4500INR. Are you looking forward to Lava A82 and wants to know whether it is good or not? Yes, this smartphone comes at an attractive price but let me reveal some of the pros and cons of Lava A82.

Lava A82 is a budget oriented handset, for a convenience of Smartphone usage by those who cannot afford a high range Smartphone.lava

Before you pick this, let’s concern to Lava A82 and make some clear whether you should pick this smartphone and kick. To know Lava A82 pros and cons let’s overlook into features of Lava A82.

Design and Build

This budget-oriented Smartphone is built of plastic. A plastic  built body is thus reliable but is a little bit soft from back. It is a bar shaped Smartphone, with a full touch capacitive screen, with three functional buttons on bottom of  screen, namely home, multitasks and a back button. Overall design is quite ordinary; well, we can’t expect much in this budget oriented device.


Processor that this handset has is 1.2 GHz Quad core processor, which is a decent thing that the Smartphone has. Being a Smartphone of a very cheap price point, the processor provided here in this phone is the best it could have got.


Smartphone has a display resolution of 480×854 pixels. It does support HD quality video of up to 720p. It sure is a little bit surprising that the Smartphone does support HD videos but quite, frankly speaking, at this pricing, it’s unthinkable to get HD video support.


Battery capacity of the Lava A82 is 2000mAh. The battery is removable, which is again a good thing. But the capacity of the battery does disappoint a lot. It could have been more efficient in terms of battery capacity at least.

Operating System:

Lava A82 Smartphone runs on Android operating system. Android version of this handset is Android 5.1, which is Lollipop; otherwise, usually other phones of this price point of view have Android KitKat, which has become very outdated by now.


Camera that this handset has in it is 5 megapixels, whereas secondary camera is of 2 megapixels. This is yet another disappointment for users. In an age of photography and selfies most importantly, camera offered on this phone is way too low quality wise.


Lava A82 has an 8GB internal memory space, and it does support external SD Card up to 32 GB for future extension. For multitasking, this comes with 1GB RAM that is fair in this budget.

Lava A82 Pros and Cons



  • Operating system that this phone runs on is one of pros of the phone, as it runs on Android 5.1 version, which is Lollipop and is not latest, but it does have great functionalities in it. Not many handsets have Android Lollipop running in it.
  • Another highlighting feature of this phone is a 5-inch display The Company sure did a good thing by making it a 5-inch display because smaller screens do cause a lot of problems while using. Fair enough, Lava had done an excellent job by adding a 5-inch screen onhandset.


  • Sadly, Lava A82 is not for camera lover; this smartphone camera could have been better. Despite a 5-megapixel camera in rear and a 2-megapixel camera at front takes a lower quality picture.
  • Battery capacity of 2000mAh could have been improved. As in this price range, there are many other phones that have better battery capacity. Lava should really look forward to manufacturing some better specifications in next launch.
  • Lava A82 is pricier as per features or compared to its competitors. Lava A82 could be a good choice if Lava reduces its price.
  • It’s not 4G supportable that could be a major disappointment for some who wants to use high-speed data network.

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