Lenovo Y50 Pros and Cons

Lenovo is one of the popular laptop making companies in the world, and with its latest release, the Lenovo Y50 $K has created a buzz in the market. The manufacturer of this machine has claimed it to the performance oriented cool looking laptop that one can have. So in this article, I am going to discuss some of the features, pros and cons of this laptop so that you can get a closer look before purchasing it.

lenovo Y50 4K

Some Features and Specifications of Lenovo Y50 4K:

Lenovo Y50 4K  stand out to be the best  Laptop in the market now, with its high specifications and Display one can choose it to be their next Laptop. So below are some of the main features and specification of Lenovo Y50 4K.


The design of this laptop is very cool, with its 16.6-inch body it is portable as well as powerful. The laptop weighs up to 2.4kg which is very light for a performance oriented laptop. It is 24mm thick which makes its design very slick. With a red keyboard and Matt finish, it looks great while working on it.


The display of this performance laptop is also very impressive, the screen quality of the laptop is 1920 x 1080 panels which are also very fine for viewing HD videos or games on this laptop.


It comes with an Intel Core i7- 4720HQ Quad – core 2.6 Ghz processor, which is pretty much performance oriented. So you can play games easily.

Graphics Properties:

The Lenovo Y50 4K has a GeForce GTX 960 GPU, which is a very good GPU in playing high graphics games.


It has a primary memory of 16GB(RAM) which give it a nice performance and 1TB Hard Drive Storage for storing files.


It has a roughly 4 hour’s battery backup depending on the ongoing works happening on the laptop.

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Pros and Cons of Lenovo Y50 4K:

In the world of gadgets and devices, everything has its pros and cons, so there are also some pros and cons of this amazing laptop Lenovo Y50. Below I am going to list out some of the pros and cons of this laptop.


  • GeForce GTX 960 GPU has been installed on this laptop, which is a great performing graphic card available for gaming and suits this laptop.
  • The CPU runs on Intel Core i7- 4720HQ Quad – Core 2.6 GHz, a processor which is also very impressive in performance for this kind of laptop.
  • It has a primary memory of 16GB(RAM) which will be very helpful for you while playing games or doing multitasking in this laptop.
  • The sleek design and light weight of this laptop are also one of the advantages of this laptop.


  • The Keyboard of this laptop is not very effective even if the laptop is made for gaming and performance.
  • The screen of the laptop is the main asset, but it is dull in its viewing.
  • GPU often throttles randomly even without reaching 80 Celsius then you have to restart the laptop.
  • This laptop may give you Wifi problem and slow speed with Intel AC 3160.

Lenovo Y50 4K is a performance oriented laptop, and the amazing features and specifications give us the fine outlook of this laptop. But live every device the laptop also have some pros and cons. So you can go through the above-written pros and cons of this laptop. This will give you a brief idea about this laptop and its features.

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