LG G5 Pros and Cons

LG is one of the leading brands in the mobile phone market.Company is very well known for manufacturing great electronic products, all over the world. LG has recently made a lot of good smartphones, which have received a lot of appreciation from various platforms.

Likewise in the recent launch of company brings  LG G5. This is yet another masterpiece from the electronics tycoon brand. This handset has a lot to offer, and most importantly it is a device that every individual would wish to own for once. Well, certainly reason for that is pretty simple, features of course.lg-g5

However, as there is a saying nothing is perfect, Smartphone manufacturer trying hard to give a perfect package in their flagship devices. Still, we can see some hole in some aspect so let’s find out some good and bad things about LG G5. Below you will find LG G5 Pros and Cons keep your eyes if you are looking forward to have this smartphone.

Build And Design:

Build quality of  smartphone is very good. A very good quality of plastic has been used for this phone and also, the finish of handset gives a premium touch. No doubt LG does have a good reputation for not only making good products but also is popularly known for its stylish designs as well. The same can be seen in this one but for some this could be a disappointment for plastic build whereas other manufacturers stepping with a metallic build.


LG G5 has got a 5.3-inch screen, with a 4k display resolution LG G5 providing better viewing angles and better picture clarity. The phone supports high definition videos, and the pictures come alive, with less pixelation on display. Also, it comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on top of display for better protection of the screen.


LG G5 has a powerful 16 MP camera in rear; that is so powerful that every picture shot by it comes to be alive. The secondary camera is an 8 megapixel camera that has a decent picture quality. Selfies will surely come to be great for a selfie lover, especially for posting on social media like Facebook and Instagram, etc. Both rear and front cameras come with optical image stabilization up to 3x, laser autofocus and of course, LED flash.


LG G5 is surely a strong competitor to look on to, in the mobile phones market as per specs are concerned. It comes with a 2800 mAh capacity battery. And the good thing is it is removal as well

RAM and Storage

LG G5 has got a powerful 4 GB RAM, which ensures a good multi-tasking and running bigger sized applications without any lags. The storage capacity of this smartphone is 32 GB, and no memory card slot is provided to extend the memory.


LG G5 also has Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset. A quad-core CPU and Adreno 530 GPU. Benchmarks are also good of this LG flagship. So, this suggests that smartphone is sure to be one heck of a phone.

LG G5 Pros and Cons


  • Camera is perhaps the best feature that this phone has. It is loaded with a 16-megapixel rear camera that can shoot quality pictures. As it has got optical image stabilization, laser autofocus, and a LED flash.
  • Build quality is awesome. A good quality of plastic has been used on the phone resulting in a very good design. The design is perhaps another plus point of this phone and also a main reason of attraction.
  • A 5.3-inch screen is yet another reason to buy this phone. Display resolution is stunningly excellent; it has good viewing angles, also comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection.
  • A 4 GB RAM is something that only a few phones have, and it surely makes this phone a combination of elegance and power.


  • Battery is surely a disappointment so to speak. In this price point, there are a lot of other cheaper phones, which have better battery capacity. So, this is surely not a phone for the heavy users.
  • As said above, for me, design of LG G5 is not that eye catching. The smartphone is made of plastic body but still it looks good build. However, a metallic aluminum uni-body would have been a welcome design factor.
  • Storage capacity is another factor for downfall of this phone. The internal storage of the phone is 32 GB, and no external memory card slot has been provided.

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