MacBook Air Pros & Cons

MacBook Air is a very popular smart laptop from the brand Apple. It is the fifth generation Intel Core Processor that enables you to make the most of your day to do more things with MacBook Air with all day battery life. This MacBook has the most attractive and smart features that give you incredible power while using it. Well, let’s discuss the full details of MacBook Air 13 Inch and also it Pros and Cons so that it will be easy for you to understand and then make a purchase effortlessly.

macbook air 13 inch

Specification of MacBook Air:

The MacBook Air 13 inch brings to you amazing features you need to know. MacBook Air is easy to use, share, find and can do everything you wish to do as it is designed in such a way.


The display of the MacBook Air is 13.3-inch screen along with Intel HD 6000 graphics.

Battery Life

The MacBook Air is incredible because its battery life is really amazing that lasts for 12 hours which means you can use the MacBook for work from morning to till the time you call it for a day without unplugged.


MacBook Air is powered by i5 Intel Core Processor as well as i7 too. It supports the Intel HD Graphics 6000 that lets you browse the web and edit photos and everything with ultra fast speed.

Wi-Fi Support

The Wi-Fi of MacBook Air is much more speed with the latest technology of 802.11ac. It allows you to connect to the 802.11ac base station inclusive of Airport Time Capsule. With this, you can experience the wireless performance which is expected to be three times faster as compared to the previous version to work freely like never before.

Operating System

The MacBook Air operates on MacOS that gives you all the incredible power to you.


With its sleek exterior, the MacBook Air comes with the powerful elements which are capable of giving you faster storage, smoother graphics, and the battery life will last throughout the entire day along with its portability.


The MacBook brings to you with power efficient memory of 1600MHz LPDDR3 and also comes with standard super fast 8 GB. All these components of fast flash storage and powerful processors it can run more intensive memory applications without any negotiating performance.


MacBook is undoubtedly light and thin. This MacBook Air is designed cleverly and creatively that lets the user to use it in a fun way, it is powerful and it is capable as well durable. So, it happens that the more you look deeper, the more beautiful it is.

Pros and Cons of MacBook Air 13 inch

The pros and cons of the MacBook Air 13 Inch are as follows. Take a look!

Pros of MacBook Air

Design: The MacBook Air comes with a thin and sleek design.

Battery: The battery is excellent that lasts for 12 hours and allows you to do the work efficiently without any problem.

Keyboard: The keyboard of MacBook Air is superb. It works smoothly allowing you to type smoothly and faster.

Cons of MacBook Air

Charger: The charger of the MacBook Air gets heat up soon that makes it difficult to hold while charging.

Office suite: The MS Office suite can’t be installed from the cracked version and to use this suite, there is a charge.

These are details of MacBook Air 13 Inch all you need to about before you make a purchase. MacBook is an amazing Notebook that delivers you high performance and offers Intel HD 6000 graphics. Overall, it is thin and sleek which makes it attractive.

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