Pros and Cons of Micromax Canvas Infinity

Micromax is back with the Canvas Infinity smartphone. The Indian mobile manufacturer has recently launched their latest smartphone called the Canvas Infinity to regain their lost glory in the Indian smartphone industry. There was a time when Micromax was known as the leader of mobile manufacturer in India but as new companies such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Gionee have surpassed with their wide range of smartphones.

Pros and Cons of Micromax Canvas Infinity

Pros and Cons of Micromax Canvas Infinity

Canvas Infinity is the latest addition to Micromax smartphone range and the device has been into the news for infinity display. If you want to buy a smartphone which comes with beautiful design and gives a premium look when held in hands, Micromax Canvas Infinity is the device you need to go for.

As Micromax Canvas Infinity is fairly new, it is important that one knows what is good and bad in this smartphone. One should always make a habit of doing a thorough research of the smartphone they are planning to buy before shedding out the money for it. Today in this post we are going to share Micromax Canvas Infinity Pros and Cons

Micromax Canvas Infinity Pros

We will begin with the Pros of Micromax Canvas Infinity. All the features, qualities which we loved of this smartphone are mentioned below.

Micromax Canvas Infinity Design

One of the main attractions of the Micromax Canvas Infinity is the design of this smartphone. As we have already mentioned before, you get infinity display in this mobile phone which adds to the unique look of this smartphone. The thin bezel is surrounded by round edges which you get to see in high end smartphones like the LG LG6 and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Micromax Canvas Infinity Good Hardware

Good Hardware adds to Pros of Micromax Canvas Infinity. The smartphone is powered with the Snapdragon 425 chipset processor and is coupled with 3 GB of RAM. If you are a smartphone user who likes to access multiple apps at once and want fast processing then Micromax Canvas Infinity is the ideal choice for you.

Micromax Canvas Infinity Expandable Storage

There is only one storage option available in the Micromax Canvas Infinity which is of 32 GB. While 32 GB is ideal for an average mobile phone user, if you run out of storage space you can pop-up a memory card anytime you want to as the device is compatible with MicroSD memory card with space of up to 128 GB. This allows a user to add unlimited movies, songs and games without worrying about any storage space. Expandable storage makes to the Micromax Canvas Infinity Pros.

Micromax Canvas Infinity Price

Micromax is always known for offering good hardware smartphones at unbeatable prices. You get to experience the same with the Micromax Canvas Infinity. All the features which we have listed above are available at only Rs 9,999. If you will search for smartphones which come with Infinity display they will cost you more than Rs 50,000 but Micromax is providing you the same feature at Rs 9,999 only.

These are some of the advantages of the Micromax Canvas Infinity.

Cons of Micromax Canvas Infinity

Cons of Micromax Canvas Infinity

Cons of Micromax Canvas Infinity

There are few negatives which we didn’t liked about this smartphone. We have mentioned these points in Micromax Canvas Infinity Cons.

Cons of Micromax Canvas Display

While you get a big 5.7-inch display in this mobile phone, the resolution offered by this display adds to Micromax Canvas Infinity Cons. You get 1440 X 720 pixels resolution with display of this smartphone which is not at all suitable for a smartphone with 5.7-inch display size.

Along with poor resolution, you also don’t get Corning Gorilla Glass protection. This adds the need of a good quality cover for this smartphone or it would easily receive damages when dropped.

Cons of Micromax Canvas Camera

Though you get a 13 Mega pixel rear snapper, the image quality offered by the camera of this smartphone is average. If you love to capture pictures using your mobile phones, Micromax Canvas Infinity is not the device for you.

If you are on a tight budget and want a smartphone with good design and moderate features then you can opt for Micromax Canvas Infinity. These are few Pros and Cons of Micromax Canvas Infinity.

What are your views of this smartphone? Do let us know using the comments section below.

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