Pros and cons of Microsoft surface Pro 3

Microsoft surface pro is the third surface tablet which is launched by Microsoft. The tablet was announced at an event which took place in New York City and is finally available for purchasing. Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a 12-inch display screen with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and delivers a resolution of 2160 X 1440 pixels. The design of Surface Pro 3 is similar to the design of older surface devices. The weight of Surface Pro 3 is less as compared to the older Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. The tablet is only 9.1 mm thick.

The tablet comes with Intel Haswell processors which are the latest processors which are brought by Intel. Consumers can choose from different processors as per their choice as tablets are available in Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Microsoft Surface tablet comes with a 5 mega pixel rear camera which you can use for taking clear pictures and recording videos in 1080 p HD resolution. Surface Pro 3 comes with a USB 3.0 port for high speed usb transfer from other devices.

If you want to purchase Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet you need to know all the pros and cons of the tablet first. You can have a look at the pros and cons of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet below.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 pros and cons

Microsoft surface Pro 3 pros


Surface Pro 3 comes with a great 12-inch display which delivers crystal clear image quality. The display of Surface Pro 3 will deliver a resolution of 2160X1440 pixels. I really enjoy watching live HD TV on the 12-inch display of my surface pro 3 tablet.

Run Windows Desktop apps

The best feature which I love about Windows tablets is their ability to run desktop apps. You can easily run millions of desktop apps on your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. Just add a monitor and keyboard and you are having a Windows powered PC in front of you.

USB 3 Ports

USB ports are the common mode of connectivity and are rarely present in tablets, however Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet comes with USB 3 connectivity ports using which you can connect your devices with your tablet and transfer data at high speeds.

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Microsoft surface Pro 3 cons

No dedicated graphics

You can use Surface Pro 3 as a computer by adding a keyboard and monitor to it, however if you are thinking that you can play high end games on your Surface Pro you are wrong as the tablet lacks dedicated graphics card. There is no dedicated graphics card present in the tablet for better gaming experience.

Mandatory Keyboard Accessory

Surface Pro 3 tablet serves the purpose of a laptop by adding a keyboard to it which is optional but if you are purchasing Surface Pro 3 it makes sense that you need to purchase the keyboard too. The keyboard is expensive and adds to the final cost of Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

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These were the pros and cons of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. Now we think you can decide if you want to purchase this tablet or not.

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