Moto 360 Pros & Cons

Are you searching for the best Smartwatch from the Brand Motorola? If yes, then you can certainly opt for Moto 360 which is one of the most popular and trending Smartwatch nowadays. It is also one of the first Smartwatch so far to catch the attentions of public within a glance due to its elegant design and classy appearance.

Moto 360 was first launched for women’s and due to its beautiful looks and features it became very popular and that’s the reason it is today Moto 360 is launched for the men’s version. To be very honest Moto 360 men’s Smartwatch is prettier and attractive compared to the women’s Smartwatch of Moto 360.

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Features of Moto 360

Generally, due to its amazing and cool features, Moto 360 is named as one of the best Smartwatch with an elegant look. So check out all the awesome features of this smartphone which are given below:

  • Display: This Smartwatch has a huge protective screen with Gorilla Glass 3 that can protect from scratches. Moto 360 has an amazing high-density pixel of screens.
  • Weather Proof: Moto 360 is an amazing water and dust resistant Smartwatch.
  • Battery Life: Moto 360 has a long battery life with 300 mAh of that last maximum 1.5 days along with Smartwatch wireless charger.
  • Health Monitor: Moto 360 also has a monitor of heart rate Optical.
  • Smart connectivity: You can also stay connected with people through the help of WI-FI connections and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sensors: An Ambient light sensor is also available in Moto 360 through which you will be able to adjust the brightness of the surroundings of screens automatically. Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Vibration/Haptics engine.
  • Elegant Design: Beautifully design elegantly to attract the customers within a glance.
  • Dimensions of watch case: Men’s Moto 360 is 42 mm diameter by 11.4MM height. women’s Moto 360 is 42 mm diameter by 11.4 MM high.
  • Memory: Internal storage 4 GB +512 MB of RAM.
  • Microphone: Moto 360 got dual digital mics.
  • Battery storage: 300 mAh non-removable battery that last maximum up-to 1.5 days.
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Pros of Moto 360:  

  • Long battery life that lasts for up to 1.5 days.
  • Water and dust resistant which comes handy sometimes.
  • It has a monitor of Optical heart rate, so tracking your health is easy now.
  • Wireless charger along with charging clock which helps to complete charge very fast and saves your time.
  • Ambient Sensor lights are available so that it will easily help you to adjust the surrounding brightness of your Smartwatch screen.

Cons of Moto 360:

  • You can see the calls ringing but you can’t receive from the Smartwatch, just for notification.
  • No net browsing option.
  • No games to play within it.
  • No speaker to listen to songs or any notifications.

So, these are the complete information about Moto 360 which was first launched only for women’s. And now finally after a long period of waiting it has finally launched for the men’s versions with lots of amazing features that has upgraded better than the first features of women’s. So if you are searching for the best Smartwatch than Moto 360 is best for you as the price of Moto 360 is reasonable in prices.

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