Moto G4 Pros and Cons

Moto G4 has been already available on the market; this Smartphone of Motorola has been launched in May 2016 and had been sold in huge numbers. The price of Moto G4 according to Indian rupee is RS 12,499, which is an appealing price for such kind of great features provider

Many people like to know pros and cons of different Smartphone before buying them or using them, as it is much better to know pros and cons of this particular phone before purchasing them. So if you are a person looking to know  pros and cons of Moto G4, then you are in the right place, as throughout this article I would let you know  pros and cons of this particular phone, named after Moto G4.

Design of Moto G4

Moto G4 come with a plastic build, look wise I would say this smartphone got bad design. In this price range many of its competitors coming with a metallic build with a better design. It has got an average size which makes sense in carrying, In general, the design of it looks Smart and clean.


Screen size of Moto G4 is larger than its older version of Moto G, having a size of 5.5inch which is features with a full HD display. Display of Moto G4 is hard enough with thin bezels at the side of it, where the icon of it look sharp and clean. Here a LED notification is not available as well as a fingerprint, which is only dissatisfying issue of the display of Moto G4.


Camera of Moto G4 is pleasing having a 13MP of rear camera, and 5MP on its front camera. Back camera of this Smartphone produced by Motorola is cool budget price, having an ability to capture in low light setting. But only problem that you can face using camera of this Smartphone is, it takes a period to focus or does not focus quickly.


Moto G4 is running on Android Marshmallow, but this is upgradeable to Android Nougat. It has Snapdragon 617 that equipped with 3GB RAM for multitasking. Regarding performance and budget line Moto G4 is a good performer. Moto G4 gets 16GB internal memory and it also has an expandable card slot for future extension.


Moto G4 has a good battery life which packs a 3,000mAh battery. This Smart Android Phone is chargeable by the Turbocharger where it can gain a maximum of battery life up to 6 hours, just by charging for 15 minutes. So charge for little and enjoy for many.

Pros of Moto G4

  • Screen of Moto G4 is large enough with a size 5.5 inch and is a full HD display.
  • Battery of Moto G4 is chargeable in a short period, as it can gain energy of 60 % by charging for only 15 minutes.
  • Extension for audio like MP3/AAC+/WAV/Flac player supports here.
  • It is designed with silver metal and hard plastic which makes it looks cool.
  • It also supports extension for video such as an MP4/H.264 player.
  • Weight of Moto G4 is 155 gram which is an accurate weight to go with.
  • Moto G4 provides you a high pixel density of 401(Ppi)
  • Back camera of Moto G4 comes with a pleasing feature which is of 13 megapixels.
  • This device has got a photo and video editor.
  • Icon of it looks sharp and clean.

 Cons of Moto G4

  • Moto G4 is very thick and heavy having 9.8 meter, due to this region it became uncomfortable for the users to carry on their single hand.
  • Battery of this Moto G4 is attached, so you would not be able to remove it as your desire.
  • This Smart Android phone provides you less amount of sensor. A sensor like proximity, barometer, temperature, and compass are absent here.
  • Java is absent in this latest Smartphone.
  • Here you will observe only two different colors white and black.
  • Users of it will miss out the NFC or USB OTG since they are not developed here in this Smart Android phone.
  • Camera of does not has a quick focusing power.

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