Moto G5 Plus Pros and Cons

The Motorola Company is set to launch the all new Moto G5 Plus alongside Moto G5 as unveiled during an event at MWC 2017 by March 15 in India. These two Smartphones were being unveiled in Barcelona at MWC 2017 Trade show during an event.

Moto G5 Plus

It is also learned that the all new Moto G5 Plus smartphone will come with cool design and also the camera is likely to be different than the predecessor which is likely to come with metal chassis back circular camera frame. This article will give you more information regarding the upcoming Smartphone Moto G5 Plus and also its Pros and Cons. So, check out the details below.

Pros and Cons of Moto G5 Plus:

The Pros and Cons of the upcoming Moto G5 Plus are as follows. Let’s take a look!


The upcoming Moto G5 Plus features 5.2 inches with full HD display (1080×1920) pixels while the predecessor Moto G4 Plus features 5.5 inches with full HD (1920×1080) pixels which are quite impressive as compare to the upcoming smartphone. With this, the predecessor’s display seems to be much larger.


The camera for the upcoming Moto G5 Plus is likely to come with the 12-megapixel rear camera along with dual autofocus, dual LED Flash, f/1.7 aperture and the most popular and much-awaited 4K resolution video recording. The front camera of Moto G5 Plus is 5 megapixel. Whereas, the predecessor Moto G4 Plus as compare to the upcoming has a greater camera of 16 megapixels with HDR. But the front camera is all similar having 5 megapixels.

What is lacking is that it is likely that the fans would be slightly disappointed with the camera this time as compare to the predecessor but the 4K resolution would regain the user’s trust hopefully.

Fingerprint Sensor:

The Moto G5 Plus comes with Fingerprint sensor underneath the Home Button at the front. The predecessors of Moto G5 Plus also have a fingerprint sensor that is liked by the users which make it easy to unlock the device. The fingerprint sensor is much protective even if you happen to lose your device or misplaced.


The Moto G5 Plus is powered by 2GHz Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor. While the predecessor Moto G4 is powered by 1.5HGz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 along with Adreno 405 CPU, built into devices which are just enough to handle the applications as it provides power efficiency and high performance but lacks in the running slow when it comes to gaming.

RAM & Storage:

The Moto G5 Plus is likely to come with three different variant RAM such as 2GB, 3GB, and 4GB depending on the region. It also will come with an inbuilt storage of 32GB and 62GB along with an option to expandable storage using your microSD Card slot upto 128GB most probable. While the predecessor Moto G4 Plus also has 2GB, 3GB and 4GB RAM  and the internal storage of the Moto G4 Plus is 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB with expandable options upto 128GB using SD Card.


The upcoming Moto G5 Plus is 3000mAh battery capacity and gives the users to enjoy the device upto six hours battery life with Turbocharging in just 15 minutes. But the sadly, the Moto G5 Plus comes with a non-removable battery.

The battery for the predecessor Moto G4 Plus also has the capacity of 3000mAh which allows the users to use the device whole day. Here again, the battery is nonremovable and will require a charge every day. It also features turbo charge, but when your device battery is below 78%, the speed is faster, on the other hand, if it is above 78%, the charging speed comes to normal. In short, if you want your device to 100% charge, it takes about one and half hour.

Comparing both the upcoming and predecessor, I would say, although the Moto G5 Plus battery is nonremovable yet gives you lasting battery life and faster charging in just 15 minutes.


The price for the upcoming Moto G5 Plus will start from $249 (about Rs. 15, 300) with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. The price for 3GB RAM with model 32GB would be $279 (about Rs. 19, 700). And the price for the 64GB model with 4GB RAM is not yet known still. While the G4 Plus price range from $199.99 to $249 for the 16GB model.

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Well, I hope you have got to know the complete details for the upcoming Moto G5 Plus and its pros and cons. There are not many cons but quite similar to the predecessor. Although, we are informed that the Moto G5 Plus would be launched by March 15 and till now this is all we can expect.

This upcoming Moto G5 Plus seems a bit costly as compare to the predecessor but going by the features and aspects, it seems like it will be worth buying. Guys, who are planning to grab this Smartphone must wait for the official launch. So, till then stay updated.


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