Nokia 3310 Pros and Cons

Nokia 3310 is one of the royal phones which was launched in the mid-2000 and was quite popular. This same Nokia 3310 is going to come back on a new digital trend in the global market now. This phone is very well known regarding battery expectancy, and hard body cover.

Earlier this phone doesn’t have a camera, but the new version of Nokia 3310 is designed with a camera and many advantageous features. So, if you are interested in knowing more about Nokia 3310 then keep reading ahead of this post.


Specification of Nokia 3310:


The new Nokia 3310 has come with 1.5 inches of the monochrome display which looks very eye catching. This phone is expected to have a resolution of 240*320 which is in the process of upgrade. The phone looks very attractive with its minimal display size that is made of hard materials. So, the display comes in a much better design and upgraded quality. The custom designed user interface brings a fresh look to this classic phone. The 2.4” polarized and curved screen window provides better readability in sunlight.


This Nokia 3310 version of 2017 has a very good design that is comfortable to use in any manner. The phone is made with cheap-feeling plastic that gives much lasting durability and looks as well. You might be thinking how it will feel to use a keypad phone in the generations of Smartphone. But trust me that Nokia 3310 has come with good inbuilt design keypad that is easy to operate. The phone absolutely looks smart, simple and handy as well that you can carry everywhere.


This new Nokia 3310 is most popular for its battery efficiency that is one of its plus points. It has a long lasting battery that can standby for one month constantly. So, you might need to charge your phone once in a month which is much better for calling your dear ones instantly. It is much better compared to Smartphone which needs regular charging of atleast once a day. You can charge the phone using the micro-USB port.


  • This phone has come with excellent battery backup that is durable for atleast a month.
  • The battery is replaceable and enables you to use another battery as well.
  • The Polarized front glass of the phone has improved the readability in sunlight.
  • It has got expandable storage which can be expanded using MicroSD card slot.
  • The device features two dual-SIM slots.
  • The phone is designed with the original Nokia ringtone.
  • It provides 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • The phone is available in four different colors that look awesome.
  • The LED flash of the primary camera enables in illuminating the subject in dim light which is impressive.


  • The camera of this phone lacks autofocus and basic 2 megapixels which are less.
  • It has come with basic Opera web browser.
  • It supports 2.5G connectivity. It lacks Wi-Fi connection and 3G
  • The display is very small, and no touchscreen features.

You will definitely enjoy playing the legendary Snake game in a much colorful screen. I hope you are now aware with the latest Nokia 3310 that is going to get launch in 2017. You will definitely enjoy push buttons which look beautiful. Thus, you can grab this new trending Nokia 3310 for experiencing its simplest and splendid performance.


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