Nokia C1 Pros And Cons

When speaking of mobile phones, Nokia is a name that is frequently used by any individual, a lot of times. Undoubtedly, it is one of the biggest name in the global mobile phone marketing and is considered to have manufactured the best phones in the past 20 years.

But lately, Nokia quite couldn’t make an impact ever since the evolution of mobile phones into smartphones. Having that said, other renowned brands went on to gain a lot of success by producing Android devices, where Nokia joined hands with Microsoft Corporations and went on to manufacture Windows-enabled

Sad enough, the Windows operating system couldn’t make quite an impact like that of Android and Mac operating systems. Therefore, I would say Nokia had a lot of bad impact in terms of business, in the recent past years.

But, finally, Nokia is all set to release its first Android device, in the name of Nokia C1. With the zeal and enthusiasm within running wild, it is hardly impossible just to wait for its launching. Having that said, let’s have a look at what it has to offer. Let’s have a quick look at its features and what’s the Nokia C1 Pros and Cons down below.


The design that Nokia has decided to deliver on this handset is pretty basic. The smartphone is of a bar shape, having a 5.5-inch display which is a full touchscreen. It is said to have a long button at the side. The Nokia C1 is presumed to have been made from plastic fully, but regarding the quality, nothing can be said until its launch.


As per the rumors are concerned, the Nokia C1 is said to have a 5.5-inch screen, having a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. As every user prefers using a smartphone with a big display for the convenience of usage, Nokia is all set to come to the field with a big screen indeed.


The battery is said to be a non-removable Li-ion battery. The capacity is yet to be revealed by Nokia, so that is a suspense till its launch. But looking back to the past, Nokia has had a reputation of having good battery life handsets. So, as the anticipation is getting higher, so is the expectations.

Operating System:

As I’ve earlier said, this will be the first Android device by Nokia. The first boot will have Android Marshmallow in it. Let’s wait and watch what Nokia is set to offer to the users.


The most efficient tool of a smartphone in the present day, the camera. Nokia C1 is said to have a 13 Mega Pixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, along with a 5 Mega Pixel secondary camera.

RAM and Storage:

The Nokia C1 is said to have 2GB RAM, and as far rumors are concerned, the Nokia C! Will have 32 GB of internal storage. The external card slot is yet to be revealed by the company.

Nokia C1 Pros and Cons:

Nokia C1 Pros:

According to me, the pros that this handset has is the camera fist of all. Nokia has decided a very good thing by choosing a 13 MP camera along wth a 5 MP front camera. As the market is heated up with high-quality camera phones, Nokia would surely not want to stay behind for sure.

Secondly, the 2GB RAM at its best, making sure the phone doesn’t lags or gets hanged during multi-tasking. Also, the 32 GB internal storage is another key feature to look on to.

Nokia C1 Cons:

The non-removable Li-ion battery can be problematic for the handset in the long run. As users nowadays prefer using removable batteries for their devices so that it can be replaced when damaged. So, it can’t be resolved until its launched.

It is not quite sure, whether it will have Gorilla glass protection on display. The users do a detailed check on handsets, and they tend to be attracted more towards a phone that assures protection, so Nokia should really look forward to providing better protective screens from this time onwards.

So, all we need to do for now is wait until this handset is released. We don’t really know what it has in store for the users, but I’m assuming excellent functionality and portability from this handset here. I hope Nokia C1 wouldn’t let us down for any reasons.


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