Pros and cons of Nokia Lumia 730

Nokia announced three smartphones at the IFA event and one of these three smartphones is the Nokia Lumia 730 smartphone. A new range of selfie smartphones were launched in the event and Nokia Lumia 730 is one of these selfie smartphones. This is a dual sim selfie smartphone which is perfect for selfie lovers, people who love to take selfies. The display of the device is a 4.7-inch OLED display screen. The multi-touch display gives HD resolution on the Lumia 730 smartphone. Corning Glass 3 protection protects the display from any possible scratches on the device.

Under the hood you will get a 1.2 Ghz quad core processor which boosts with the 1 GB RAM and gives unbelievable performance. The USP of Nokia Lumia 730 is the camera of the device. Lumia 730 comes with a 6.7 mega pixel primary camera which comes with Carl Zeiss optics lens delivering crystal clear images. The front 5 mega pixel is perfect for taking selfies. Nokia has developed a special selfie app for the front camera of the app which will help you in taking awesome selfies. The lens is wide enough for adding more than 2 people in your selfie. The internal memory of Nokia Lumia 730 is 8 GB and you are having option to add an external memory card of storage space up to 128 GB.

Coming to the OS of the device, you will get Windows 8.1 Operating system with all the latest updates. The device is launched in many countries including India and if you are thinking to purchase this smartphone make sure you know all the pros and cons of this device. Have a look at the pros and cons of Nokia Lumia 730.

Nokia Lumia 730 pros and cons

Nokia Lumia 730 pros


The best feature of Nokia Lumia 730 is the camera of the app. Both the cameras deliver great images. The Carl Zeiss lens is added in the rear camera of the device which delivers crystal clear image quality. The front camera comes with a dedicated selfie app which add a lot of effects to your selfies, you can use the selfie app for the rear camera of the device also.


Nokia Lumia 730 is launched in India and is available for only Rs 15,299. The hardware of the device is fine and we think that Nokia has quoted a reasonable price for the device.

Dual Sim

You can use 2 sim cards at a time in Lumia 730. Lumia 730 supports micro SIM cards.

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Nokia Lumia 730 cons

Operating system

Being a product of Nokia and Microsoft, Lumia 730 comes with Windows 8.1 Operating system. There are not many apps developed for Lumia 730 as the apps are still in development stage, so you are having limited apps to use on Lumia 730 smartphone.

No earphones/headset

You won’t find any earphones in the in-sales package you will receive with your Lumia 730. You need to spend extra 1000 bucks for buying decent earphones after spending Rs 15,000 on the device.

Rivals & competitors:

We hope now it is clear if you want to purchase Nokia Lumia 730 or not.


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