Pros and cons of Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1

Panasonic has launched Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1. This is not only a smartphone but also a camera with 20 mega pixel sensor. Lumix smart camera CM1 could be the best camera phone ever launched. Samsung has already launched the Samsung Galaxy Zoom which is an Android based camera smartphone and now Panasonic is in direct competition with Samsung after the launch of Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1. Lumix smart camera CM 1 comes with a massive 20 mega pixel camera sensor which is the primary camera. Not only you are getting primary camera in this smart camera but also a front facing 1.1 mega pixel secondary camera. The sensor size of the 20 mega pixel camera is 1-inch which captures the best shots. You get LED flash equipped just right to the lens and features like auto focus, face detection and many more.

Coming to the hardware of the CM1 camera you will get a 2.3 ghz quad core processor and 2 GB RAM. The smart camera comes with Android operating system v4.4.2 and allows you to run all the applications and games on your device. Not only you can click and view the images on the 4.7-inch display of the device but also you can watch movies and your favorite video clips. The presence of Android operating system allows you to use special camera apps on the device which are not possible on any digital camera.

Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1 pros cons

If you are thinking to purchase the Lumix Smart camera CM1 have a look at the pros and cons of the device before you are going to purchase this beast.

Panasonic Lumix CM1 Pros


People who have a passion of photography or love to take pictures should grab their hands on the Lumix CM1 camera. The 20 mega pixel camera captures great images and the LED flash will capture images even in dark background.

Operating system

As Lumix CM1 is a camera and a smartphone running on Android KitKat, you can use variety of applications by downloading them from Google Play store. Now you don’t need to edit the images once you have clicked them as you can directly edit them from your smart camera.


The hardware of Lumix smart camera CM1 is powerful and will help you in running all games and applications. You won’t experience any lags when you are using Lumix CM1.

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Panasonic Lumix CM1 Cons

No Optical Image Stabilization

Being a smart camera the device should come with all the features which should be present in a camera. There is no optical image stabilization present in Lumix smart camera CM1 which is a downside of this device.

Heavy weight

The weight of the device is 200 grams which makes it heavy. You might find the device bulky when you are holding it for a long time in your hands.


The device is equipped with a 2600 mAh battery. 2600 mAh battery is not going to be sufficient to provide enough power to the device because of the powerful hardware and camera.

We hope now you can decide if you want to purchase Lumix CM1 smart camera or not.

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