Pros And Cons of Drug Testing

As we know, from the international report in many countries the drug testing are entirely prohibited due to some bad effect. Drug testing is a biological sample analysis. It has few advantages over its disadvantages. From the drug testing, there will create some dangerous disease that can be very harmful to a human body. In this article, I will discuss the pros and cons of Drug testing.

When a human body continuously habited with the drug, then it is very tough to recover from this drug trend. Though from many country drug testing is totally banned by the Govt. Govt, but they can’t stop from all country from this effect.

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Pros of Drug Testing:

  1. Reduction process for Accident: In every drug testing company, there are many safety systems are arranged for every employer. Because the employee who are not worried about the drug testing they can’t do any hard work naturally because there might be a change to the accident about their health. So, there should be a system for the emergency treatment of the drug disease.
  2. Helpline for Drug problem employee: In every company, there is every possible treatment system available for their employee. Just like if any employee joined a company who had a drug related problem before joining, then it can be harmful to both the company and that person.
  3. Increase safety caused For higher production: In every company, it must be needed that every employee feels safe on that company that can affect the company’s production.

As we know a single employee can make a big impact on the other employees. So, all company’s authority always tries to increase their safety system as far as a possible.

Cons Of Drug testing:

  1. Increase cost for an employer:With the increase of other components all the employer are always demanded to increase their expense. But in all case, it is not possible, on that occasion few employee can take some violated step that can be harmful to a company.
  1. Violation of a single employee: In the company, if any employee is drug addicted then it can make a big impact on the other employee.
  2. Drug Testing effect: In every company before IN and OUT, all the products need to check at the higher level to make sure that will not be harmful to other those are going to use this product. And also during drug testing process, many employees have a chance to addict which is always be harmful to a company as I mention above.

Final word:

In this article, I discuss pros and cons of drug testing. I think this article is enough to know about all the advantages and disadvantages of drug testing in a word place. So, if you have any problem regarding that, then you can share with us.

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