Pros And Cons Of Electricity

The Electricity comes from renewable and nonrenewable sources. Electricity is a form of energy which is result due to the existence of charged particles such as electrons or protons. The electron is the flow of moving electrons.

The Pros and Cons of electrical energy are depended primarily upon its source. In this article, I am going to share pros and cons of Electricity. Firstly, I will tell you pros and then cons of the electricity.

Advantages of Electricity

  • Electricity is transportable over long distances. We can transport electricity anywhere.
  • Electricity is very fast. It`s speed is virtual as of light.
  • Electricity can also be used to produce any other forms of radiant energy like microwaves, radio waves, radiant light, and heat as well.
  • Electricity can be used to produce magnetic fields.
  • Electricity is silent.
  • When Electricity is produced, it does not produce any kind of greenhouses gasses.
  • Electricity does not pollute the atmosphere.

The Pros of Electricity

Electricity is inexpensive, and these are readily available. Electrical energy is converted from fossil fuels is one of the most common sources of the energy in the United States. Electricity is converted or produced by the renewable sources.

Electricity in the stable environment conditions provides a steady, comfortable and reliable source of power for consumers.

Electricity is considered as better and suitable for the environment because it does not emit any kind of harmful atmospheric pollutants.

Disadvantages of Electricity

  • Electricity can kill you
  • Electricity makes people lazy. Electricity makes people started to become dependent on it.
  • Electricity is a growing concern which is the magnetic fields around the transmission lines, and it can be unhealthy
  • It pollutes the environment
  • Electricity is a Non – Renewable resources.

The Cons of Electricity

There are numerous disadvantages of Electricity, some of them are fatal which requires a certain amount of precaution and foresight to continue the using of this power responsibly.

Every year more than 1 lakh peoples are dying due to electric shock. Electrical shock can cause serious injury if it is exposed more than 500 volts. It can lead to burning which can cause scars.

If anyone gets a low- voltage shocks still that person will seek medical attention, The electric shocks can cause unconsciousness, numbness, tingling in the extremities and also sensory problems.

To produce or to create the electricity which we consume, fossil fuel electricity generation creates more than 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide and 10 gigatons which are afterward dispersed into the environment.

These all can release huge amounts of carbon into the air. The fossil fuel combustion can also create the large amounts of ash which can lead to having respiratory problems, or it may also contain poisonous metals like lead or arsenic which are harmful to the health.

The most important cons of electricity are that people who have been become solely dependent on electricity will not be able to function without it in an emergency.

So, I think you have understood the pros and cons of electricity. In spite of having some disadvantages, we can’t live a single moment without electricity. It is one of the tremendous inventions of science. Thanks to Mr. Bejamin Franklin.


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