Pros and Cons of Plastic

Plastic is a non-biodegradable element that we basically know. Practically, if we observe the world around us, we are using all those plastic elements in our daily life. Almost all the things that we use such as brush, bottles, bags, etc. are made of plastic. Knowing that plastic has many bad aspects in our life, we are bound to use its products in our day to day life. There are many good and bad effects of plastic that I am going to discuss in this post. So, read ahead of this post, to know what are the possible pros and cons of Plastic in one’s life.

What is Plastic made of?

Before we go to the Pros and Cons of Plastic, it is necessary to know what is plastic made of. Well, plastic is made of hydrocarbons which are found in oil and natural gas. The small molecules (monomers) are bonded together in a chain (polymers) and form plastic. So, this way plastic is made among which some are hard and durable and others soft and pliable. So, plastic products are made in a similar way through bonding of monomers and polymers. It becomes mandatory that you get aware the bad effects of plastic and protect yourself from these endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

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Benefits of using Plastic elements and products:

There are many reasons why people prefer using plastic products. Plastic products are durable and easy to ship which makes it more convenient for the users. The benefit of using plastic material is really incomparable to that of other materials. Plastic is much easily shaped, light weight, inexpensive and strong. Plastic has a good ability to guard any kinds of contamination, and that is why it is mostly used in hospitals and another medical field. However, the benefits of using plastic are boundless as they are a most convenient non-biodegradable element. You can use the plastic bags and other plastic gadgets more than once. Plastic gives you good storage solutions and it is good for packing and shipping. Moreover, the plastic furniture which is available in the market is very cheap and durable compares to other. So, these are some of the advantages of plastic that we enjoy in everyday life.

Cons of using Plastics:

When we talk about the disadvantages of plastic, then it is boundless. Do you know that 500 billion to 1 trillion bags made of plastics are used worldwide every year, and it takes 20 to 1000 year for a plastic bag to get degrade. This is one of the bad effects of plastic as it will pollute the land and spread the bad chemicals on the environment. Recycling a plastic bag is shipping it to a foreign country, and its best alternative is burning. Once the plastics are burnt, it pollutes the air in the atmosphere.

Plastic is no doubt a good conductor that can resist germs and handy to use as well. Moreover, the plastic products are durable and take the time to get exposed. Drinking tea in the plastic cup can even cause cancer. So, keeping in mind the Pros and Cons of Plastic it is the time that we spread awareness and take necessary steps.

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