Pros and Cons of Smartphones

Can we imagine ourselves without our smartphones for a single day? I don’t think so. Smartphones became a necessary tool in our everyday’s life. If we use this gadget for a good cause, then it is extremely helpful, but the misuse of a smartphone can do so many evil things.


If we notice our surroundings, we will see people are watching their smartphones while walking on the street or even while doing something else. Even some people give their kids a smartphone in a little age. Before using or giving a smartphone to someone, we must know about the pros and cons of this gadget.

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Pros and cons of smartphone we must know

Every gadget comes with some pros and cons, so is a smartphone. Here is a list of pros and cons of smartphones.

Pros of smartphones

Every smartphone comes with so many good features that if we use them perfectly, we will be beneficial for us. The main pros of smartphones are


Land lines were the main medium of communication when smartphones were not introduced. In smartphones, we get all the all the features of the land phone along with many added features. Smartphones are small in size, and we can carry it with us, and most importantly we need to pay monthly rental for smartphones.

Web access:

With smartphones, we can access the web whenever we want. A computer or laptop was needed to connect to the internet but now we can stay updated with everything once we activate the internet on our smartphone.

Rescue for emergencies:

Before smartphones, it wasn’t possible to contact anyone in urgent need. With the GPS technology and the video calling feature we can know anyone location or can reach to any unknown place if we own a smartphone.


Apart from these a smartphone saves our money as we can do calls over the internet, keep in touch with everyone using the social networking sites, learn many things, take photos and videos for memories, use for listening music or watching videos when we are bored.

Cons of Smartphones

Though a smartphone has so many good sides, it has some bad sides too. The main cons of smartphones are

Cheating in Exam:

These days many students carry a smartphone with them in the exam hall for cheating purpose and get good grades where a student scores less after studying hard. If a student gets coughed for cheating using a smartphone, it can spoil the student career.

Expensive price

All the smartphones are costly compared to normal cell phones. So it is very hard for some people to get a smartphone. Most of the teenagers ask their parents for a smartphone which can be a serious problem for many.

Distraction in studies and work

People who own a smartphone easily gets addicted to it. We will see most of the school and college students always stay stick to their smartphones, even some mid age people too. This addiction causes a disturbance in studies and in work place.


Using smartphones can cost your life too. It has been seen that many people died cause of smartphone explosion. Using a smartphone can lead to different types of diseases too. Many accidents happen because of using a phone while driving. Once you have a smartphone, people easily can know where you are, and sometimes it’s irritating. With smartphones, many sexual contents get viral which can spoil someone’s life.

Smartphones come with so many good features that if we use them properly, it can solve many of our problems and can save our precious time. But if someone uses it for a bad purpose it can ruin so many things. That’s why we must use our smartphones carefully.


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