Pros and Cons of Social Media

Most of the people especially those who are below 25 years of age, use their smartphones only to stay active on social media. People are mostly active in social Medias such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and Google+. Almost everyone checks our mobile phones just after waking up from sleep.

It is very necessary to stay active in social media so that we can know about the latest things, stay connected with our old friends and many more. But this social media has many negative aspects if someone uses it in a wrong way. Many of us are not aware about the good and bad sides of social media. It is very important for everyone to know about the pros and cons of social media.

Main pros and cons of social media

It is up to us how or for which purpose we are using social media. Here are the main pros and cons of social media which can leave you speechless.

Pros of social media

Social media is very beneficial if we use it for a good reason. The main pros of social media are

Staying connected and finding new people

To stay connected with all your old friends and family members those who are staying far is the main purpose of using social media. You can stay connected by chatting, sharing photos and videos and by free voice and video calling. With the help of social media you can find someone with same interest. And also can share your creative ideas and views with other people.

Best medium for advertise

If you are good in something, you can share it in social media which can help you become famous. Most of the authors, artists, musicians, colleges and even the online shopping sites use social media as a medium for advertising. People choose social media for advertising because almost everyone is active on social media these days.

For getting latest information

If we stay active on social media, we will get all the latest news and information about everything. Any news spreads on social media. It has been seen many times that with the help of social media many criminals get caught.

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Cons of social media

Though social media comes with many good sides it has many bad sides too. The cons of social media are

Relationship problems

Many relations start with social media but many ends too. It has been seen that many people are getting into extra marital affairs using social media. Even being in a relation many people flirts in social media which may cause problem in their relations. For social media many people suffer from trust issues.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying became a very common thing and a matter of worry. This is very common among teenagers. Posting fake and inappropriate things in social media, abusing someone and speaking mean things can break a person morally and can destroy the reputation. Sometimes people share sexual contents through social media which can destroy someone’s life.


Most of the people especially the young ones get easily addicted to social media and stay stick to their smartphones all the time. This addiction is very bad. It harms people personal life. In most of the cases it causes disturbance in studies for a student and in workplace for an employee.

Different social Medias comes with some different features. All of us should use the good things we get in those social networking sites. We must do these social media without getting addicted to it. We always should ignore and stop people from using media in a wrong way.

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