Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy is a kind of production that produced from the nuclear reaction. It is also known as the Environmental Friendly energy source. It has few disadvantages over its advantages. So in this article, I will discuss the pros and cons of Nuclear Energy.

In the Nuclear power plant, the primary fuel is Uranium. Nuclear energy generates heat which can be directly used in the steam turbines to produce electric current. Till now thirty countries have the nuclear power plant and only in four countries nuclear power used as primary sources of energy. And in the USA 20% of total electricity comes from nuclear energy from 2008 onwards.

Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy:

Low Operating Cost:

As we know, in the nuclear power plant Uranium used as the main fuel, which comes with a very low cost. Comparing to the other power plant industries like Coal Power Plant its maintaining cost is very low. And the main thing is the average life period of a nuclear power plant is 40-60 years, which is very big in number in the life period compared to the power plant industry. If in future the fuel cost goes high than also cost will be low comparing to the coal power plant.

Low pollution:

From the Nuclear power plant there are lots of greenhouse gas emits. But if we compare with the coal power plant that number is half of the coal power plant’s number.


Reliability is one of the biggest factors for the industry. From the previous few years research, the maintenance cost of a Nuclear Power plant is very low and easy compared to the coal power plant. From the nuclear board report, uranium will not be finished for next 70-80 years as it consumes in the last decade.

Cons of Nuclear Energy:

Nuclear Accident:

For a Nuclear power plant it is one of the most dangerous things that always be a cause of afraid. The wastage product from the Nuclear Power plant can cause a serious health effect. As an example a few years ago Japan was a victim this kind of accident in Fukushima. It’s effect directly related to the environment that can be harmful to a whole mankind.

Environment Impact:

Uranium puts a severe effect in the atmosphere, which increases pollution in nature day by day. Apart from there are lots of greenhouse gasses are emits.

Radioactive Waste product:

From the previous ten years report in every year a nuclear power plant generates 20 metric ton as a waste product. If we calculate all the power plants of our earth, its volume comes around 200 metrics tons a year.

Limit of Uranium and risk of terrorist attack:

Like petrol, Uranium has limited source on the earth. According to the scientists report we can’t use it after 100 years. And also it a primary place for a terrorist attack.


In this article, I will mention all the pros and cons of nuclear energy. I think this will enough to know about nuclear energy. If you have any problem regarding this, you can share your problem us.


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