Pros and Cons of Radiation

First of all let us know what is Radiation all about? Scientifically, Radiation is the energy that comes from some locations. It also moves from one place to another. Radiation travels through space and also penetrates deep through certain materials. There are two types of radiation, they are, Non-ionizing and ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiation includes light, microwaves as well as radio and ionizing radiation produces many devices like X-ray machine.  Radiation is also used in many ways such as medical uses, industrial uses, academic uses etc. Radiation can be also harmful and beneficial for the humankind. So, in this post, I am going to share you some of the pros and cons of radiation. Scroll down slowly and check out the pros and cons.

Pros of Radiation

The below points are some of the pros of radiation.

  • Uses for Medical Diagnostic: Radiation plays a major role in the medical field. Doctor and dentist use a variety of materials and treat a wide collection of metabolic course and medical circumstance in human. The mostly used medical diagnostic is X-rays.
  • Treatment of cancer: There is a range of radioactive elements which are used for treating cancer. These help to kill cancerous cells and reduce or even can wipe out cancer. Some of the element is samarium-153 and iodine 131. Samarium-153 is used for treating prostate cancer, and iodine 131 is used to tackle cancer.
  • Electricity: Radiation helps in producing electricity through the nuclear power plant. In the world, 16% of electronic is produced in the nuclear plant.
  • Industry use: Radiation helps to remove poisonous pollutant like exhaust gasses from industry and coal fiber station. Radiation is very useful in industry for improving food production besides that, radiation also good for controlling the insect population. So, Radiation is very helpful for industry.
  • Pain relief: Typically it is very difficult to control pain when a patient who have tumors and that spread into bone tissue. In that case, radioactive material like strontium-89 can be use for relieving the pain.
  • Glowing Indicator Light: The radiations can also be used for glowing an indicator light in an electric appliance. As soon as you turn on an electric appliance, for example, a kettle, the electrical charge passes through a gas Krypton 85, and it causes the gas to become active resulting in the glow of indicator light.
  • Smoke detector: The element that is mostly used for a smoke detector is americium-241, and this element emits an alpha particle. As soon as the air is passed through this element americium source, the radiation ionizes the smoke particles, and the electronic sensor picked up the air then sounding the alarm.

Cons of Radiation

  • Radiation therapy is very helpful for treating tumors and others diseases. But it can cause long term injury to your body.
  • Radiation is used in the form of X-rays which is very helpful for patients to detect a problem which is unseen.
  • Radiation can be helpful for treating cancer that kills cancerous cells, but the therapy can effects hair lose, fatigue and nausea to patients.

These are some of the pros and cons of Radiation. So, I believe by reading this post, and you got the benefits and the harmfulness of Radiation for a human. Hence, if you have any doubt, use the bellow comment box to ask your problem.


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