Pros and Cons of Technology

In today’s date technology is one of the vital necessity of everyone’s life. Starting from the morning when we wake up till night when we go to bed we have surrounded my different types of technological devices. Starting from a simple calculation to making a phone call all are part of technologies. Technology makes our world easy and simple. As it has many positive sides, it has many negative sides too. So here I am going to explain you today what are the pros and cons of technologies.

Let’s start the discussion today with the pros of technologies.

Here are the pros of technologies.


Technology helps to access any kind of information required at any particular time. This helps in developing and growing knowledge of any particular topic.


Technology plays a vital role in the education sector. All kinds of data and information’s regarding educations can be found by just a click. By the help of technology, students can increase their knowledge and can save their time and power so that they can utilize it for some other reasons.


Technology helps in communicating from one place to another. Today you can talk to anyone from any part of the world without any major effort. The level gets wider when astronauts communicate from the space and give detail of their experiences. In the modern world, things got more advanced by the introduction of social media like the Twitter, Facebook, etc. Now a day’s technology is so advance that you can even chat by seeing each other.

Here were some of the pros of technology now let’s discuss the cons of technology



It is true that technology is making our generation fast and easy but on the other hand it is making our generation lazy to. In past when the involvement of technology was not as much compared to now people were fit and active but now the percentage has gone low as compared to before. All of us we are so used to technologies that it made our work easy so for that we do not need to apply any extra force for that particular work.


People use technology for betterment and improvement of their life, but this technology can also be used for many devastating purposes also if gets into wrong hands. Many uses technology to hack personal files and system which are very delicate. Some even use technology to increase terror in the nation.


In earlier days taking someone’s address or phone number was a big issue you have to go many places, talk to many places in order to get the address or phone number. But since the advancement of technology, it is just a matter of few clicks to get any one’s address or number which really hampers the privacy of many ones.

Here are some of the pros and cons of technology which you must look into for better understanding of how technology is influencing in our life and what can be done with the help of it.


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