Pros And Cons Of Weapons

Weapons can save as wells can do a severe damage. Weapons can protect you from any attack. Weapons can keep you safe and gives you the advantage to defend oneself in a war or any kind of conflict or contest.

The ordinary objects like stones, sticks, cars, or pencil can be used as weapons. As there is always a positive and negative side of each and everything, Weapon has also its pros and cons.

Weapons Classifications

Weapons come in different forms. Each weapon comes with advantages and disadvantages. It can be broadly classified as below

  • Stick- ( cane, bat, stick, and crowbar)
  • Knife-( broken bottle, knife, scissors)
  • Palm Stick- (pen, hammer, wrench, flashlight)
  • Sword- (sword. Machete)
  • Linked-(pet lash, chain)
  • Projectile-( pepper spray, gun, rocks)

The Pros of Weapons

  1. Self Defense

Weapons can use to defend against another weapon. Weapons will be really helpful for self-defense.  Suppose if you get attacked then your opponent will probably have some advantage at that time. So, you can use some basic weapons to defend against that attack.

  1. National Defense

The weapon plays the major and important role in wars. The nations which have a high quality of weapons are far less likely to be attacked by any other countries or nations because no country will want to get into any kid of conflict which can end with harmful and dangerous weapons.

  1. Weapon can Improve the growth of the nation

As every day in all around the globe, there must a war going on. Every nation has some enemies. So, to secure the nation, it is needed to develop country weapons power.

The Cons Of Weapons

  1. The high rate cost and difficult to Maintenance

High costly weapons can quite a bit to own, and it can negatively affect the treasury of nation. The high cost of weapons can make it difficult to the nations to invest in other areas.

  1. Accidental Use

These very often case nowadays.There is some human error with these weapons.This weapon can result in the end of the whole world.

  1. Radioactive Waste because of Weapons

There is a major danger for the countries which are flourishing weapon industry. A large number of weapons industry produces a large volume of the low-level radioactive waste.

  1. Terrorism

There is a danger nowadays arms are unstable because of politically reasons.The terrorist organizations have no fear of the danger which can lead to destruction and which can cause danger to humanity.

  1. Environment pollution

The Environment gets polluted because of the bomb and weapons which are used by humans. Weapons can indirectly kill the plants and animals.

These were the pro and cons of the weapons which I have shared above with you. If weapons have advantages, then it has disadvantages as well. Everybody needs to be self-defense and also need to know something about basic self-defense. So all have to know to use some basic weapons.


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