Samsung Galaxy On 8 Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy on 8 is the most trending newly launched Smartphone that is available in very cheap and affordable price in the market now. So, this Smartphone has come up with some of the best features and high edge technology that will meet your demands. It is necessary to know about the gadget before you buy it. So, to know more about the new Samsung Galaxy on 8, keep reading this post as I will be giving you some features, pros and cons of the Smartphone.

The new Samsung Galaxy was launched recently in the month of September with the best quality design, Camera, Battery and Display which is going best sale in the market now. However, you can get this Smartphone in little cheaper price through Amazon which is average of $224 and the Gold price is little cheaper $220.


Samsung Galaxy On 8 Pros and Cons

Design of the Smartphone:

The Smartphone is designed beautifully with best dimensions of 151.70*76.00*7.80 which is quite big. Finally all those who love big phones will love it. The Smartphone is now available in three colours such as Gold, White and Black, so you can now choose any one those. The Smartphone is very handy and lightweight which you can carry almost everywhere.

Display Quality:

The display quality of new Samsung Galaxy on 8 is awesome with best touchscreen features and resolution of 1080*1920 pixels. The screen size is also of medium size that is 5.50 inches which is absolutely nice in looks. So, you can have this extraordinary display which is featured beautifully and easy to use as well.

Camera feature:

The Camera is very well developed with 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front, which is absolutely awesome to take selfie and pictures. For selfie lovers this Smartphone can be the best option now. You can also do full HD video recording with this amazing camera quality and take a family photo as well. So, definitely you are going to enjoy the best camera features of Smartphone.

Battery Backup:

The battery system works best with capacity of 3300 mAh which is good compared to other Smartphone in this range. The best thing about the battery is that it is removable anytime. So this Smartphone has come up with the best battery backup and you can download or do any kinds of task easily without worrying about battery live.


The device works absolutely well with the best processor of 1.6GHz octa-core which is the best in average. The software has good internal storage of 16 GB and 3 GB RAM which is a very good source for downloading more apps, games and videos. Moreover, the device also has expandable storage system. So, you can use any GB of micro SD card and do many things easily.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy on 8:

  • The Smartphone has good battery backup which is 3300 mAh which is of average.
  • It has 16 GB internal storage and 3 GB RAM which can also be expandable later with micro SD card.
  • The system is built in with good operating system and that is Android 6.0.
  • It is available in best three colours such as black, gold and white in the market.
  • Full HD quality video is supported in this device.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy on 8:

  • There is no Magnetometer/Compass sensors found in the device.
  • The price of this Smartphone is very high compare to its features which is the bad sight of this software.
  • The device has no metallic body which is found in other device with such price.
  • Only micro SIM can be put in the slot and you will require to make your SIM micro size for adjusting it in your device.


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  • samsung galaxy on 8 pros and cons
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