Samsung Galaxy S8 Pros and Cons

Undoubtedly, Samsung is preparing hard to launch their next Samsung Galaxy S8. And we are pretty sure the company is going ahead higher, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 they are will be bringing more advancement to catch tech geeks attention. In Samsung Smartphone there are various series. Among the different series, the S series is one of the most admired lines up by Samsung. galaxy-note-8

And it is the perfect Smartphone models that the customers wish to see.  So, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to launch in february 2017. According to the latest rumors, the upcoming Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to come with fantastic feature than its previous series.

Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of this upcoming Smartphone. But before we discuss about the Samsung Galaxy S8 pros and cons we will see some of the important features.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 expect to come with 5.3 Inch. Display with the screen resolution of 4096×2160pixel. This is perfect screen display and which is good enough to view with multitouch functioning.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with marvelous camera features with 20MP rear camera and front camera of 10 MP. Both the camera has dual led flash and autofocus. If this rumor comes true, the next Galaxy S8 would be one of the best mobile cameras in the battle line


Samsung Galaxy S8 also expected to come with 128GB internal memory and expandable memory up to 256 GB. It is the one of the best memory storage in this price range of Smartphone.


The upcoming Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 expected to come with the metal body.  It expected weight is 142 gm which is the perfect weight. And it is also expected to be one of the thinnest Smartphone with 140×76×6 mm dimension. Therefore this upcoming Galaxy Series expected to be the lightest Smartphone in this price range. As per this design rumor, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be very light and super-slim to hold.


Samsung Galaxy S8 also expected to come with 4000mAh battery. Which is good enough to run the phone, and one of the best features of this Smartphone is that the battery is removable.

Samsung Galaxy S8 pros and cons in detail:-

Here we will like to share some pros of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8,

  • Camera: In this upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone the camera is perfect for capturing. It has wonderful camera both rear and front with dual flash respectively. No other Smartphone camera can beat in this price range.
  • Memory: The storage memory is perfectly satisfactory in this price range. As you get more than 100 GB internal memory and you can also use the expandable memory of up to 256 GB which one of the best facilities of this Smartphone.
  • Waterproof Technology: One of the main pros of this Smartphone is the waterproofing technology. You don’t have to worry about your phone even in the rain or any accidental drop in water.
  • Fingerprint Sensors: A Fingerprint unlocking sensor is also one of the best pros of this Smartphone. You can unlock your Smartphone with a single touch. You can also unlock any apps or file with a single touch only.
  • 5G Network Connection: one of the main pros of this device is 5G network connection. As it is expected to support the 5G connection, here you can use the unlimited connection.
  • Eye Scanning Security: Like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this upcoming Smartphone is also going to have an Eye Scanning Technology for better security.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Battery: The battery is the main cons of this device. In this price range, it is not good enough the battery as it is expected. Most of the people are speculating the battery at least up to 4000mAh.
  • Display: Another Cons of this device is the screen display as it is very difficult to carry with one handed.
  • Memory: The memory storage is not perfect enough in this price range. It is speculated to be at least 256GB internal memory.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date:

Officially the company has not yet announced the release date of their upcoming Smartphone Galaxy S8 model. But the company confirmed that they would launch the device in the quarter of 2017.

So, as we know the Samsung company is preparing to launch their new Samsung Galaxy S8 model. Most of the people are eagerly waiting for this new upcoming Smartphone to come in the market.


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