Samsung Galaxy X Pros And Cons  

Samsung, as we all know about this brand, is one of the leading companies in the global mobile phone market. The brand has got a lot of attention in the recent years and has launched over a 100 plus models in the smartphone segment itself. After the successful run of its Galaxy series of smartphones.

Mobile marketing giant is all set up to deliver another new addition of smartphone to the world, called the Samsung Galaxy X. The Samsung Galaxy X is not like any other smartphones in the Galaxy series because as far the looks are concerned, the Galaxy X is said to be the first foldable smartphone ever.galaxy-x

Yes, that’s right. The Galaxy X, despite having a 5.5-inch screen would be able to be folded in half. Now, won’t that be cool? Moving on, the Samsung Galaxy X will have a lot of features loaded in it, which I will mention below.


The Samsung Galaxy would look like any other handset in the Galaxy series, but the only thing different about it would be this device could be folded in half, literally. The following design may ring a bell in your head of what I’m talking about. The two equal halves of the screen would join to make it a full 5.5-inch display, and while being folded would appear as a cute but cool device in your hand, which would be a resemblance to a clamshell so to say.


Speaking of the display, as I’ve already said above, the Samsung Galaxy X will come with a 5.5 inch, Super AMOLED screen, having a 4K resolution (2160×3840).


The camera is expected to be a 16-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. The secondary camera could be of 8 megapixels for better selfie experiences.


The Samsung Galaxy X is rumored to have a battery of 4000 mah capacity, which sounds pretty decent and of course, if it happens for real, the users would go crazy for this handset for sure.

Operating System

Operating system that will come pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy X will be Android Marshmallow, which would be upgraded to the next version of Android for sure.

RAM and Storage

The Samsung Galaxy X is assumed to have a 4GB RAM, for a better multi-tasking and running smoothly. The Storage, on the other hand, is rumored to be 32 GB inbuilt memory. There are no further speculations regarding the external storage for now.

Samsung Galaxy X Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy X Pros:

The Samsung Galaxy X has a new innovative design, which could be very well attract a lot of users from all over the world. Regarding the functionality, only time will tell, but as the launch date comes nearer, the desperation gets higher.

Secondly, I would say that the camera would be a superb deal. We have seen in the earlier models, that the camera despite being 13 megapixels offers such beautiful images. If it really has 16 megapixels, then the expected quality of pictures is really going to be eye-popping .

Another highlighting factor (expected) of the smartphone is the powerful 4 RAM. If Samsung really puts in the said amount of RAM in the smartphone, then it would be a blast and will obviously leave other brands behind.


Samsung Galaxy X Cons:

Like I said, the design is one of the pros of the smartphone, it is again the one of the cons of the device. We don’t really know what the unusual design of the phone would bring to the market. On one side, we have people who are already in love with the new thought that this phone promises to deliver, and again on the other hand, there are also people who are disliking the new change in the smartphones category. So, only time will decide what will happen in next.

As, for now, we can only keep our fingers crossed regarding this new smartphone. Basically, the handset got the name Galaxy X because nobody really knows what would be the real name of the project. It is yet another mere indication that the smartphone would fall into Samsung’s Galaxy series for sure. But we really don’t have any idea for what Samsung’s plans are for the future. Till then, let’s hope for the best.

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