Samsung Gear VR Pros and Cons

Should you get Yourself a Samsung Gear VR ?

Virtual reality is something best experienced with VR headsets. Google was the first to attempt to aid VR headsets is available within common reach through its Cardboard, a few years back.

Unfortunately, it didn’t receive much consumer response and several versions of the Google Cardboard VR appeared, but Samsung’s VR headset is worth a try. It offers a glimpse into the endless possibilities and proves that a perfect VR headset is much more than just another version of Google Cardboard shakedown.

Priced at
8,200, this latest gear is compatible with some high-end Samsung Galaxy smartphones such as S6, S7, S6 edge, S7 edge, S6 edge plus and Note 5. Getting both of this deals together may appear very pricey to you, but Samsung ensures their consumers get the value for the money paid for.

If you are still skeptical whether to get this gear or not, here is a detailed Pros and Cons for the Samsung Gear VR.

Exterior Design Pros & Cons

The Samsung gear has gone through a few critical changes in order to make a smoother user experience for longer use besides making the navigation within the headset uncomplicated.

Most notable among them is the exclusion of top strap. It gives a feel of ski goggles and most people feel comfortable without the strap. It is a matter of preference and for people who feel too much of weight on the nose without the strap, may put on the additional strap supplied in the box.

Then come the trackpad and the placing of the back button. The first Gear had a flat layout and designers understood that it is difficult to grope for the center when you can’t see the surface, so they  added a small nub at the center of the trackpad in its latest version. It makes the user interface practicable for varying uses.

Hardware Design Pros & Cons

Along with the volume and back button, this Gear also comes with some extra built-in sensors. It gets to know when you are looking at it when it has the phone placed within and when you’ve put it away. It has additional motion sensors which enable better responsiveness and keep away lagging. You can adjust the lenses and the Gear is big enough to fit over the glasses.

But it has some downside too. For people without the enlisted Samsung smartphones, this Gear would make no sense.

User interface Pros & Cons

This gear actually has a user interface and once you attach your phone, it launches a virtual reality home screen instantly. You can download newer apps and switch between apps without removing the Gear, a major improvement over the Google cardboard devices. When you want to enter a text, the voice recognition immediately comes to play.

But the virtual user interface is not as big as it should be. And the selection of apps is also awfully limited, right now you can get access to some dozen games whereas Google Cardboard offered hundreds of them. Developers would not want to launch their games unless they are sure of the market whereas many people would hold off buying the Gear unless there is a handsome selection of apps.

Finally, it could be said that this Gear is an opulence for Samsung smartphone users and brings out higher value from this premium phones. A lot needs to be improved here, but as of now you may go for the Samsung Gear VR in case you own any of that flagship Samsung phones and immerse yourself in the virtual world.

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