Samsung Gear S2 Pros and Cons

Good news for the fans of Smartwatches. Finally, after a long awaited period Samsung has launched their 2nd generation Smartwatch namely Samsung Gear S2. This is probably the seven best Smartwatches from Samsung and the second series of Samsung Gear 2. It is far more improved with a better upgrade and features more than the first series.

Nowadays Smartwatches have more advantages ever since Samsung Gear 2 got launched in the platforms of Smartwatches. This is the best Smartwatch since it is so pretty looking with beautiful round design in shape, elegant and easy user interface, long battery life that last maximum 2 and 3 days long, an amazing innovation that rotates bezel.

Features of Samsung Gear S2

Samsung has done a good work by providing Gear S2 Smartwatch with amazing upgrades and cool features. So check out all the coolest features of Gear 2 that are given below:

Style and Design: Samsung Gear S2 has an elegant look with round shape in design and body with durable stainless steel. This smart watch is perfect for your wrist as it is slim and sleek. Wrist belt is changeable comes in premium quality.

Battery: It has 300mAh Lithium-Ion battery that can last maximum 2 to 3 days so you can keep doing whatever you want with your Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch. This has a much better improvement over last Samsung Gear to do more with its features.

Gear S2 With Health features: Taking care of your fitness and health is easier with the help of Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch. Since you can easily track the levels of your daily activity, check the heart rate and much more so continue staying fit and healthy with motivational features provided by the watch.

Storage: You get 4GB internal memory which is sufficient memory storage that can easily store up maximum 300 songs; add favorite playlist so that you can find your favorite songs easily. But you cannot expand memory card as this device doesn’t support extra SD Card.

Display: Gear S2 Smartwatch has an amazing display capacitive touch screen of Super AMOLED. I have display resolution 320×320 with 278PPI

Available Color Variants: Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch is available in four colors exclusively that are Dark gray, black, white and silver.

Other Features: You can also pair up your Samsung Gear S2 with your Samsung Smartphone if you used the Gear application of your Samsung devices.  Almost all the useful applications that are available in your smartphones are also available on your Samsung Gear S2.

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Pros of Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

  • Amazing looks with a round in shape design.
  • The easy and friendly user interface.
  • Durable stainless steel that adds premium feel and elegant looks. And it has slim and sleek dimension as well.
  • Long battery life that lasts for 2-3 days
  • You can text and listen songs, snap photos directly from your Samsung Gear2.
  • Memory 4GB, 512 MB of RAM.

Cons of Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

  • No cellular connectivity in Gear S2 Smartwatch.
  • No SIM support.
  • Limited Fitness functions as expected.
  • Buggy lock reactivation.
  • Apps are barely usable.

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