Samsung Notebook 9 Pros & Cons

Samsung NP900X5L-K02US Notebook 9 is one of the eye-catching laptop for everyone. This 15-inch laptop is fit to go anywhere in a backpack as it is thin and very light. This Notebook is really amazing as it performs greatly with its powerful processing.

It also delivers you fast multitasking immerse and capabilities multimedia entertainment. Well, in this article, we shall discuss the full specification and its pros and cons of the Samsung Notebook 9.

Specification of Samsung NP900X5L-K02US Notebook 9

The new Samsung NP900X5L-K02US Notebook 9 brings to you with sleek, thin body and impressive to use; it has long battery lasting with a bright screen and other better enhancement of Notebook experience. The full specifications are as follows.

Design and Display

The display of Samsung Notebook 9 is 15 inch with fully immersive screen that comes with thin and sleek. The device is a metal crafted that works like a traditional Notebook, and it can be reclined to 180 degrees allowing you to share your views.

The device is a full HD support, and if you look at any images, the words will pop up with complete HD and its low reflective feature make everything look awesome even in the dim light and also in the midday sunlight.


No doubt, this Samsung Notebook is much lighter as compared to the Air Notebook. It is powered by Ultra-fast Intel Core i7 Processor that lets you cope with multiple tasks at the same time. And the device has a strong hard drive that performs just amazingly faster.

Battery Life

The battery life of Samsung Notebook 9 has an amazing and powerful battery life that allows you to work throughout the day with just 12 hours of charging for a single day.

Operating System

The Samsung Notebook 9 runs on Windows 10 OS which is one of the latest operating systems from Microsoft that you can experience.

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Pros and Cons of Samsung Notebook 9

The pros and cons of the Samsung Notebook 9 are as follows so that you can gather knowledge about the laptop and be aware of.

Pros of Samsung Notebook 9


The Samsung Notebook 9 brings to you with more comfortable and convenient way of typing. The keyboard can help your productivity, and it is designed innovatively with ergonomically keys along with glass coated touchpad.


The Samsung Notebook 9 security is amazing and protective as it will keep all your information safe. The location of your laptop is always kept on the record so that you can easily track them if your laptop happens to be stolen.


Screen is bright enough for outdoor work, full HD display is sharp and vibrant as well.

Cons of Samsung Notebook 9

Although the keyboard of the Samsung Notebook 9 is good yet it has the shallow keyboard and this laptop is not a touch screen.

The Samsung Notebook 9 is coming close diagonally the board, ensuring for safety and this 15 inch Samsung Notebook is a perfect choice available in the market at a reasonable price. What is more interesting about this laptop is that it has a combination of the big display along with great portability and also Intel Core i7 performance.



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