Pros and Cons of Sony Xperia Z3

Sony has launched the brand new Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone at the IFA event which took place in Berlin. The Xperia Z3 is the successor of the Xperia Z2 smartphone. The device comes with great features and the best thing about this device is that this is the first ever smartphone which you can use to play Playstation 4 games. Yes, now you can play all your favorite Playstation 4 games on your Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone. Just connect your smartphone with the controller and you are ready to play Playstation games on your Xperia Z3 smartphone.

Xperia Z3 comes with 2.5 Ghz quad core processor. The processor gives amazing performance with the 3 GB RAM on the device. The Krait 400 GPU provides exceptional graphics performance on Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone. The device comes with a massive 20.7 mega pixel primary camera and a 2.2 mega pixel front camera. You can capture best shots with your Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone as the camera of the device also features Image Stabilization. The device comes with a 5.2-inch screen which gives a great resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels.

If you want to buy Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone we suggest you to find out the pros and cons of the smartphone. Check the pros and cons of Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z3 pros cons

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Pros of Sony Xperia Z3

Option to add huge memory

Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone is available in 16 and 32 GB memory options. If you run out of memory you can add external Micro SD card with storage capability up to 128 GB. As the camera of the device is a massive 20.7 mega pixel, you definitely need extra memory on your device.

Play Playstation 4 Games

This is the first ever smartphone which can play Playstation 4 games. If you like to play games you should buy this smartphone, add your PS4 controller and start having the Playstation fun on your Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone.


The processor of Xperia Z3 is exceptionally fast. With the 3 GB RAM you will get amazing performance on Xperia Z3 smartphone.


Xperia Z3 comes with a massive 20.7 mega pixel camera. The camera comes with image stabilization feature which will capture best shots and will deliver great images.

Cons of Sony Xperia Z3


When we took the smartphone in our hands we founded it bulky. The device weighs 152 grams and you might feel it a bit uncomfortable at times holding Xperia Z3 in your hands.

No HDMI Port

You can record HD videos at a great 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution. If you want to watch the videos on your TV, you need to transfer them first and then watch it as the device lacks HDMI port.

Capacitive Touch Screen

The touchscreen of Sony Xperia Z3 is a capacitive touch screen. Sony should have provided resistive touch screen as it is better as compared to capacitive touch screen.

These were pros and cons of Sony Xperia Z3. If you want to share your view please use the comments section below.


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