Xiaomi Redmi 4A Pros and Cons

Xiaomi brought about a number of phones that has been able to break the shackles of the mobile arena and Xiaomi Redmi 4A is definitely one of them. Now before you get to have any device, you should have an in depth knowledge of the same and that is the reason why we are here with the pros and cons section of this phone. Here we will talk about the specifications and the advantages and disadvantages of the Redmi 4A so that you can decide whether to grab the phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Pros and Cons

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Pros and Cons


Xiaomi Redmi 4A has a sleek and trim design and that is what makes the phone amazingly elegant. The screen of Redmi 4A is a comfortable 5 inches so that you do not have any problem in holding it. Xiaomi’s this device comes with IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and the resolution of the screen is 720 x 1280 pixels.



The processor of Xiaomi Redmi 4A is a sturdy one with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 which makes the phone work in a fast paced manner. This makes sure of the fact that the phone can run smoothly and without any hanging problem.


The memory of the Xiaomi Redmi 4A has been designed to be 16GB which is also can be eapanded by expandable memory card. Xiaomi Redmi 4A have 2GB RAM. This phone also have hybrid sim slot where you use expandable memory and expand the phone memory. The memory is one of the best pros of this phone.


Xiaomi Redmi 4A has 3120 mAh battery which is completely non removable. The backup time is good and even after vigorous using it goes on at least for 24hours.  This is why you should take up this phone in the best possible manner.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Pros:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 425- This is a very hardy processor which means that it can take good care of the phone and ensure that it does not lag.
  • The build is worth it- it has an elegant finish which feels amazing to hold.
  • Amazing user interface- It is very easy to be used and even a novice can use it without any hassle.
  • 2GB RAM- The RAM storage has been efficiently designed so that the phone does not have any extra loading as per as the memory is concerned.
  • Camera- The primary of the phone is of 13MP and it is of the very good quality. It takes excellent shots and even in low light the picture comes out to be perfect.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Cons:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 4A comes with Android 6.0.1 marshmallow- This is an OS that has not been up to the mark and is one of the underrated android versions as well.
  • Lacks fingerprint sensor- The other phones in this price is supposed to have a fingerprint sensor. But then, it is one of the disadvantages of Xiaomi Redmi 4A which needed improvement.
  • Lacks gyroscope sensor- This is another problematic aspect of the Xiaomi Redmi 4A. If you have VR glasses then also you will not be able to get the privilege since the screen won’t go in the split screen mode.

As an overall review,Xiaomi Redmi 4A consists of all the features that is desirable and thought it has some backlogs, yet the overall rating of the phone is pretty good. Every device has a series of pros and cons and here we have listed the same. Now it is for you to decide whether you want to take up this phone.


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